Learn about the ground clearance device found on a modern MotoGP bike

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While it will make it easier for riders to control their bikes, the Ride Height feature on modern MotoGP bikes actually reduces riders’ involvement in riding the bike they are riding.

Autos.id – In recent years, the prestigious automotive event, namely MotoGP has started to be heavily infiltrated with various modern and sophisticated technologies. One of them is the device height which will basically ease handling while driving. However, it turns out that this device has received criticism, one of which is 6-time world champion Marc Marquez.

The Ride Hight device, which intervenes on the aerodynamic system of this bike, effectively reduces the rider’s involvement in controlling the bike while riding on the track.

Learn about the ground clearance device found on a modern MotoGP bike

Ground clearance device on modern MotoGP bikes

Adapted from crash.net On Wednesday (23/11/2022), the Ride Hight device on this MotoGP bike will operate to provide maximum torque starting in 3rd gear even at the end of 2nd gear. Prior to the Ride Height device, riders needed to be able to place maximum torque on high teeth such as gears 4, 5, through 6.

Furthermore, the existence of the Ride Height device also affects the aerodynamics of the bike as a whole. According to Marquez, the presence of the Ride Height device will make the braking point of the bike more stable and narrow on the track. However, according to the Repsol Honda rider, the Ride Height device actually makes overtaking actions on the track less frequent than before.

He said that before the Ride Height device, racers had to position their bodies to provide braking manually in high gears. “Now, using only 3rd gear, maximum body positioning can be achieved using the aerodynamics of this motorcycle which, although it reduces slip, reduces the rider’s involvement in manual control of the motorcycleMarquez said.

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Learn about the ground clearance device found on a modern MotoGP bike

This is why the riders who have been racing in the top MotoGP class since 2013 prefer the old bikes to those of today. Furthermore, according to the Spanish rider, this Ride Height device is based solely on technology and minimizes the rider’s feeling and involvement with the bike.

He sees that MotoGP bikes should be manually controlled engines without the aid of super sophisticated technology. He also sees that MotoGP racing is currently considered less demanding, so he sees there is a lot of potential for riders that cannot be optimally explored due to the proliferation of advanced technologies.


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