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bangkok – Clear! This is good news Honda motorcycle brand and Tezuka Productions have teamed up with Cub House Thailand to create a limited edition Monkey Astro Boy motorcycle.

This is to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the original manga and the 60th anniversary of the series we love so much.

This limited edition Honda Monkey X Astro Boy is a motorcycle specially designed to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the original manga.

Honda and Tezuka Productions partnered with Cub House Thailand to build this amazing motorcycle.

Honda Monkey Astro Boy commands respect

Honda monkeys

The Astro Boy manga, created by writer Osamu Tezuka in 1963, was later made into a television show and became the basis of the anime as we know it today.

The Monkey Astro Boy Limited Edition pays homage to this iconic character with a white fuel tank with cool red and black graphics.

Red chassis, nice checked leather seat covers and clear air caps with stickers resembling the Astro Boy’s mechanical heart and control board.

The 300 Monkey Astro Boy decked out by the H2C Honda design team features registered markings on the fuel tank, stylish fuel cap and beautiful chrome side panels.

Price Honda Monkey Astro Boy

Astro Boy Honda Monkey

Priced at THB 129,900 (Rp 55.8 million), this limited-edition model comes with a Monkey x Astro Boy jacket, Astro Boy-style helmet, and premium carry-on luggage.

Curious right? Thai Honda CEO Shigeto Kimura really said it very excited create this limited edition Monkey Astro Boy and be impressed by the fun.

I mean exciting btw Honda monkeys and Astro Boy united for a unique and different experience.

Cub House Thailand is really known for really excellent collaborations, having worked with Hot Wheels and One Piece.

But this latest project in collaboration with Honda and Tezuka Productions exceeds expectations.

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The Monkey Astro Boy Limited Edition is a fitting homage to the classic anime and manga series.

Definitely a must have for die hard fans.

Honda Monkey specifications in Indonesia

seat honda monkey astro boy

Honda Monkey is available in Indonesia. Honda Monkey is a Honda product available in the Indonesian market.

However, availability may vary depending on the reseller or distributor in the region. For more information on the availability of the Honda Monkey in Indonesia, please contact nearest Honda dealer in your area or visit Honda Indonesia official website.

Please note that specifications may vary by country and region. Below is a table of Honda Monkey specifications generally available in international markets:

Please note that specifications may vary by country and region. This table lists only the general specifications available in the international market.

Honda Monkey table




4 stroke, 1 cylinder, SOHC, air cooled

Machine capacity

124 cc

Diameter x step


Compression ratio


Fuel system

PGM-FI fuel injection


4 speeds

Length x width x height

1,710mm x 755mm x 1,029mm



Minimum ground clearance


Seat height


Empty weight


Frame type

Double cradle

Front suspension


Rear suspension

Rocker arm, double shock absorbers

Front brake

Hydraulic disc, diameter 220 mm

Rear brake

Hydraulic disc, diameter 190 mm

Front tyres

120/80-12 65J

Rear tyres

130/80-12 69J


LED front and rear lights, digital instrument cluster, classic design, 5.6 liter fuel capacity

Reasons why Honda Monkey is liked

honda monkey mobil123

The Honda Monkey has a strong appeal to people due to its combination of classic iconic design and high-end modern features.

Here are some reasons why people love the Honda Monkey:

Classic design

The Honda Monkey has a design inspired by the famous Honda minibikes of the 60s, which give it a strong nostalgic touch.

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Small size and light weight

The Honda Monkey’s small size and low weight make it easy to drive and maneuver on busy or narrow roads.

This also makes it a great choice for beginners and more experienced riders looking for an easy-to-use bike.

Advanced technology

Despite having a classic design, the Honda Monkey is equipped with modern technology such as the PGM-FI fuel injection system and a sophisticated digital instrument cluster.

Reliable performance

Honda Monkey features a powerful 124cc engine, capable of providing quick and responsive acceleration.

Visual appeal

Honda Monkey comes with a variety of attractive color choices, so motorists can choose the model that suits their tastes.

The combination of all these factors has made the Honda Monkey very popular with mini and retro motorcycle enthusiasts.

Honda Monkey Astro Boy design inspiration

boy astro jacket

Tezuka was a huge fan of Disney and many of the characters he originally designed were Disney-style. Well, one of them is Astro.

The design is very simple and similar to Disney works. For example, the two crests on his head always move in opposite directions and don’t change, like the ears of the famous Disney character, Mickey Mouse.

One of Astro’s most notable features are his eyes, especially in the anime series. Her eyes are designed to be fully sensitive to light and look very lively.

This has become a common design in later anime and manga characters. With this cool eye design, Astro’s facial expressions can look more real even if the animation is a bit off.

Other than that, Astro lashes are also very simple. Drawn as just 5 short lines coming out of his lids.

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astro boy helmet

But there are also those whose eyelashes alternate between simple and more realistic.

In the 2009 CGI animated film, Astro Boy’s appearance underwent a major change as this was his first CGI appearance.

The eyes are smaller and the eyelashes thinner, the hair consists of fine, silky fibers. The boots are divided into segments with a metallic finish and the belt has a visible belt.

Instead of her shiny black shorts, she wore black panties that looked like they were made from some kind of fabric.

Unlike his previous appearances, this time Astro is depicted as a teenager and fully clothed throughout, wearing black pants, a white T-shirt, and a blue sweater with a red collar.

In the redesign, Astro Boy displays similar proportions to his 2003 incarnation, albeit with a slightly darker skin tone and green eyes.

He wore a simple green (later red) shirt with black pants on which the red boots stood out.

On both the shirt and the shoes a series of lines are shown which form the collar, the sleeves and form the box inside the shoe.

So, this is the Astro Boy design that is partly used for this limited edition Honda Monkey. Will it enter Indonesia?

Yes it is possible, if there are generic motorcycle importers, buy it too.



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