Looking sportier, the New Honda Vario 125 facelift 2023 is ready to make users proud

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PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) has launched the latest update on the popular New Honda Vario 125 scooter through a touch of the latest sporty design and various advanced features that can be proud to be a daily riding partner for consumers in Indonesia. This scooter now also has more and more options equipped with advanced features of the Honda Smart Key system.

Appearing with a new sporty design, this 125cc Honda scooter looks more aggressive with a V-shaped appearance form which is the hallmark of the Honda Vario and the use of LEDs in all lights. The new Honda Vario 125 applies the latest features and technologies in the form of Honda Smart Key System for the ISS type, fully digital panel meterand USB battery charger On console box which can provide convenience while driving. This latest model of scooter is also equipped with larger tires, as well as a large luggage stowage capacity to support performance so that driving becomes more enjoyable.

Accompanying its sporty design character, the New Honda Vario 125 is equipped with a variety of options to suit the broad character of its users. Strong and bold color fonts are manifested in the CBS type to show a sportier impression, while in the CBS ISS type a modern and classy look is presented to show a premium impression, as well as colors. captivating with a futuristic footprint presented on the CBS ISS SP variant to further increase the pride of its users.

“Vario 125 has more value in its features”

AHM President Director Keiichi Yasuda said the Honda Vario 125 continues to be developed with the latest designs and various excellent features to make the owner even more proud. The latter model also offers more comfort when used as a partner for daily work, driving with the family, for meeting relatives on weekends.

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“Honda Vario 125 is equipped with the latest sporty design, various features and advanced technology that we incorporate to support ride comfort and provide satisfaction to the community. As the most efficient scooter in its class, we strive to provide added value that supports the activity of motorcyclists, “said Yasuda.

AHM Executive Vice President Director Johannes Loman said that over the years the Honda Vario 125 has become a popular scooter that accompanies many user activities. The union of this model with the community continues to develop from time to time according to the lifestyle and interests of consumers.

“The renewal of the appearance of the New Honda Vario 125 is our effort to continue to respond to the increasingly diverse needs of consumers who love scooters. We want to offer a more enjoyable daily driving experience to anyone who drives it throughout Indonesia. “Loman said.

The fuel consumption of the latest Vario 125 determines 51 kmpl

Armed with a displacement of 125 cc liquid cooled engine with the latest ESP technology capable of delivering responsive acceleration and stable performance, as well as being able to produce the most efficient fuel consumption in its class up to 51.7 km / liter WMTC method (EURO 3, ISS ON )

The new Honda Vario 125 is equipped with advanced safety and security features such as the Honda Smart Key System for the ISS type. This model was also supported by a USB Type A charger with a maximum output of 5V, 2.1A for charging in order to further complement the rider’s needs.

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The new Honda Vario 125 is supported by LED lights on all lighting systems and the latest rearview mirror design that matches the impression of refinement. This latest model also features a fully digital instrument cluster with comprehensive information including speed, mileage, fuel, digital clock, battery voltage indicator, oil change indicator, trip odometer, as well as ISS gauges and Smart Key gauges on the type ISS. The boot capacity of 18 liters matches the body of the bike suitable for the rider. Wider tires, 90/80 front and 100/80 rear with new sporty design rims that are more comfortable and agile for everyday driving. A more comfortable braking system with Wavy Disc Brake is now more optimal with the presence of Combi Brake System (CBS) technology.

Color options and prices Vario 125 model 2023

Color Honda Vario 125 Mio 2023

The new Honda Vario 125 has a more elegant and sporty appearance with the use of the last strip with a touch of color of the titanium rims and a matte color on the bodywork in accordance with today’s premium motorcycle trends for the CBS-ISS variant SP, i.e. Advance Matte White and Advance Matte Blue. Also presented is a new striped display for the CBS-ISS Advance Matte Black type with embedded 3D emblem for the Vario lettering which makes it look sportier. The CBS type is available in two color variants, namely Sporty Black and Sporty Red.

The new Honda Vario 125 Type CBS is marketed for IDR 22,350,000 (On The Road Jakarta), the CBS-ISS type is marketed for IDR 24,000,000 (On The Road Jakarta), while the CBS-ISS SP type is marketed for IDR 24.250.000 (On The Road Jakarta). Jakarta Road).

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