Mercedes-AMG GT officially stops production, that’s why!

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The successor to the Mercedes-AMG GT will reportedly come with the use of full-electric hybrid technology which has a GT-equivalent driving feel. – Recently, Mercedes-AMG just stopped production of one of its original sports cars, the GT. This sports car, also used as a Safety Car for the F1 event, is likely to be discontinued and will receive a replacement with a very different technology.

The change in strategy from Mercedes-AMG to its next-generation sports car is believed to be the reason the GT had to be discontinued.

Mercedes-AMG GT has officially stopped production, that's why!

Reasons to stop production of Mercedes-AMG GT

As reported on Thursday (9/29/2022), Mercedes-AMG CEO Philip Schiemer said they would put an end to the Mercedes-AMG GT. Although sales of the GT are quite good, Schiemer believes there are some strategic changes that will be made by Mercedes-AMG even if the details have not been disclosed.

Schiemer said there are several strategies that could be implemented on the AMG sports car. One of them is the use of a fully electric hybrid engine which is now starting to be pioneered by different brands that come up with their performance variants. “We see that the GT successor will provide something more unique that can adapt to the development of the global automotive market,” said Schiemer.

Mercedes-AMG GT has officially stopped production, that's why!

According to data compiled by, the Mercedes-AMG GT can actually sell up to 17,000 units specifically for the US market. This means that in the global market the car, which has been in circulation since 2014, has sales figures of between 25 and 30 thousand units. Even the tallest variant, the AMG GT Black Series, can sell up to 1,700 units worldwide.

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Of note, the Mercedes-AMG GT is the second sports car specially built and designed directly by the AMG division. This car is also one of the cars that uses a turbo placed in the cylinder bank which aims to reduce turbo lag and allows this car to use a small displacement engine.

Furthermore, since 2015 the Mercedes-AMG GT has also been used as a Safety Car for F1 races. Starting with the Mercedes-AMG GT S from 2015 to 2017, followed by the GT R from 2018 to 2021 and starting from 2022 using the highest variant is the GT Black Series.


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