Mini Car Price List October 2022

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In the country, the Mini car brand has its own market where customers usually come from the upper classes.

Jakarta, – Mini is a car brand originally owned by the British Motor Corporation (BMC), which became part of British Motor Holdings in 1966. Two years later British Motor Holdings merged with Leyland Motors to form British Leyland.

Today, Mini is part of BMW and has had separate developments from its brand into Clubman, Traveler and Moke,

While in Indonesia, the Mini brand is not foreign because the customers are already several and usually they target young people. And here is a list of prices for various car models of the Mini brand starting in October 2022.

1.MINI Clubman

  • JOHN COOPER WORKS Variation: Rp1.36 billion
  • COOPER S variant: Rp1.12 billion
  • COOPER Variant: Rp995 million
  • UNTOLD EDITION Variant: 1.18 billion Rp

MINI Clubman EDITION NOT TOLD. (Source: Lloyd Motor Group)

2.MINI Countryman

  • COPPER Variant: IDR 850 Million
  • COPPER S Variant: Rp980 million
  • JOHN COOPER WORKS Variation: Rp1.55 billion

3.MINI Convertible

  • JOHN COOPER WORKS Variation: Rp1.22 billion
  • RESOLUTE EDITION Variant: Rp1.12 billion
  • COPPER variant: Rp975 Million
  • COPPER S variant: IDR 1.06 billion

JOHN COOPER WORKS MINI Convertible. (Source: Zigwheels Indonesia)

4.MINI electric:

  • ELECTRIC Variant: IDR 1.05 billion
  • RESOLUTE EDITION Variant: Rp1.1 billion

5.MINI 3 doors

  • RESOLUTE EDITION Variant: Rp1.05 billion
  • COOPER Variant: Rp. 885 million
  • COOPER S Variant: IDR 999 million
  • JOHN COOPER WORKS Variant: Rp1.15 billion

6.MINI 5 doors

  • RESOLUTE EDITION Variant: Rp1.06 billion
  • COOPER Variant: IDR 905 million
  • COOPER S variant: IDR 1 billion


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