NHTSA triggers a crash to investigate Tesla’s autopilot system

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This problematic autopilot system issue is under investigation whether it is a driver error or a failure of the autopilot system itself.

Autos.id – Bad news has come from one of the motoring giants that often makes electric cars, Tesla. The brand, owned by Elon Musk, is being investigated by the US National Highway Safety Agency or NHTSA regarding Tesla’s autopilot system, which often causes accidents.

Several cases of autopilot problems for Tesla cars have even resulted in several fatalities due to the failure of the autopilot system.

Autopilot system triggers a crash, Tesla is under investigation by NHTSA

Investigation by NHTSA

As reported by CarBuzz, the NHTSA noted that there are 37 cases they are currently investigating. One of these was an accident involving a Tesla Model S in Florida which resulted in 2 fatalities due to a malfunction of this car’s autopilot system. In the case that occurred at the Interstae 75 rest area near Paynes Prairer, Florida, the car’s roof fell.

In recent months, Tesla’s autopilot system has become a subject of discussion about its safety. It is assumed that the autopilot system software had a sudden malfunction and caused people, especially Tesla owners, to worry about their safety while driving.

The existence of these various events finally brought Tesla to intervene. Tesla said drivers shouldn’t completely trust the autopilot system of these cars. Tesla says that alertness and attention to driving are very important factors even if the car is equipped with an autopilot system.

Autopilot system triggers a crash, Tesla is under investigation by NHTSA

“When the autopilot system is found to be problematic, the driver must be ready to take control of the car and not 100% trust this autopilot system,” Tesla said. Tesla also said that in fact every car comes with software linked to the camera in the car’s cockpit.

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The software works to help drivers monitor their surroundings, especially while driving, by activating the autopilot function. The existence of these issues causes many people to start doubting the autopilot system on these Tesla cars. NHTSA itself is still trying to find a bright spot if the problem is solely due to a driver error or an autopilot system failure.


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