NTT Suzuki dealer officially works for the needs of consumers

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Suzuki dealer NTT is officially operational
Suzuki dealer NTT is officially operational

ROCKMOTIVE, Jakarta – In order to meet the needs of consumers in Eastern Indonesia, Suzuki NTT dealers operate officially by providing several other support services.

Presence sales service The goal is to reach the East Nusa Tenggara region, especially the districts of East Sumba, West Sumba, Southwest Sumba and Central Sumba. This automobile outlet is the 298th and is located at Jl. Adam Malik No. 50, Kabajawa village, Waingapu city district and provides 1S services but is also equipped with after sales services and spare parts.

The presence of this NTT Suzuki dealer is a form of commitment PT.SIS provide an optimal service to all consumers in the region.

“The opening of this outlet in Waingapu is clear proof of Suzuki’s commitment to comprehensive and close service to the community. We hope that Suzuki Surya Batara Mahkota Waingapu Outlet will be a solution for your Suzuki car buying needs. , guaranteed service and spare parts for the surrounding community,” said Hady S. Halim, deputy director of 4W sales and marketing at PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales.

The SIS management who inaugurated the opening of this outlet was also accompanied by the owner of SBM, the board of directors, RMK group, GM, BM branches Kupang and Flores, East Sumba Regency Regent and Muspida, Suzuki loyalists, potential customers, shipping and leasing partners (Suzuki Finance, Adira, MTF, BCA Finance, INFI, MPM).

Johan Mualim, director of PT Surya Batara Mahkota, also said, “We are optimistic that the choice of this location is very strategic because it is a transit point for several districts in the Sumba region, also considering the access to the entrance of shipping vehicles from Surabaya through Waingapu port.This opens up a great opportunity to provide the best service to Suzuki consumers in and around Waingapu area.”

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The outlet, which was established on 1800m2 of land, is filled with a 225m2 showroom building, 100m2 service workshop and 50m2 workshop support facilities. Consumers need not worry, as the stores are equipped with comfortable air-conditioned waiting areas, children’s playgrounds, ample parking, restrooms and prayer rooms so that the consumer experience is fun and inclusive for all ages. Surya Batara Mahkota Waingapu outlet services are supported by 63 employees, 90% of whom are local people.

“We are aiming for sales of 40 units per month. Naturally, we hope that community enthusiasm is high so that this figure can continue to increase. According to our calculations, the market potential is 60-70 units for 4 districts in the Sumba region,” added Fredy Prijatna, director general of PT Surya Batara Mahkota.

To liven up the inauguration ceremony, PT Surya Batara Mahkota offers a variety of attractive packages ranging from leasing and direct gifts for consumers who make direct purchases during the inauguration. In this outlet, potential customers can find information and view various Suzuki car models such as Grand Vitara, XL7, All New Ertiga Hybrid, Baleno, Ignis, S-Presso and New Carry.


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