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Hyundai Stargazer Owner Indonesia or has the officially established abbreviation Hystori. Yes, this club or community hosts Hyundai Stargazer owners and users in Indonesia. The statement and unveiling took place at Hyundai Stargazer Studio, SCBD, South Jakarta.

“With the successful declaration of Hyundai Stargazer Indonesia (Hystori) owner, we hope that all members can carry the good name of Hystori in Indonesia and be able to build good relationship with all automobile clubs and communities in Indonesia, so how to establish brotherhood without borders.And, don’t forget that we present our slogan which is adapted from the slogan of Hyundai Stargazer “Greetings to the new stars of Indonesian family,” explained Mulyadi Mishele as general president of Hystori.

Interestingly, the statement event was also attended by representatives of PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia (HMID), as well as representatives of several Hyundai dealerships in Jabodetabek. Among others, Hyundai Mainstay, Hyundai Mobil Indonesia (HMI) and Hyundai Maju Motor.

“Thank you for establishing this club and we stand ready to support Hystori’s further activities,” said Gioveni as a representative of Hyundai Maju Motor.

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Meanwhile, HMI’s Efrem said that with current 12 resellers, HMI is ready to help Hystori members.

“Currently there are 9 dealerships in Jabodetabek, 2 in Bandung and 1 in Bali who are ready to further cooperate and share technical issues with Hyundai Stargazer community members,” he said.

Historical profile

Owner of Hyundai Stargazer Indonesia

Owner of Hyundai Stargazer Indonesia

Hystori starts from the Facebook group and continues with the WA group. Currently, the club has 75 official members spread across major cities in Indonesia such as Riau, Batam, Palembang, Pontianak, Samarinda, Makassar, Papua, Bali and most of the members are located in Java.

The formation of this community is based on a common vision and mission that characterizes Hystori. The purpose of Hystori training is mainly to facilitate the new owners of the Hyundai Stargazer so that they know more clearly and easily about the maintenance of their car.

Not only that, Hystori also acts as a bridge between members and APM and aftersales service for Hyundai Indonesia. Apart from that, it also serves to strengthen the existence and communication between the owners of the Hyundai Stargazer. But also to achieve shared goals by highlighting positive activities in the automotive world.

For Hystori members, they will get benefits in the form of opportunities to get discounts at Hyundai official dealers and repair shops, gain vehicle maintenance knowledge, drive well through the coaching clinic to be held and at the same time as a networking.

For those who want to join Hystori, the main condition is to have machine Hyundai Stargazer. Then pay IDR 250 thousand for dues. Afterwards, members will receive a starter kit in the form of a club uniform, 2 sticker sheets, a Digital Membership Card (KTA), and the aforementioned benefits. Anyone wishing to register can contact the official Instagram account @hystori_id.

Moladiner, this is the review Hyundai Stargazer Indonesian owners. keep watching for other interesting automotive information.


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