One of Michael Schumacher’s F1 cars will be auctioned, that’s the price!

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The auction for a racing car used by Michael Schumacher, the Ferrari F2003-GA, was put up for auction starting at a price of 7.5 million US dollars. – Speaking of the F1 ground jet racing event, one of the legendary drivers with the most brilliant results is Michael Schumacher. This German man has a total of 7 world titles and 91 race wins over the course of his career. Recently, one of the cars Michael Schumacher competed with, the F2003-GA, will be auctioned to the public.

The Ferrari F2003-GA itself is the car used by Schumacher for the 2003 racing season and led him to win the world title that season.

One of Michael Schumacher's F1 cars will be auctioned, that's the price!

This is the auction price

As reported by Carscoops on Saturday (8/10/2022), one of the auction houses, RM Sothheby, will be auctioning off one of the racing cars used by Michael Schumacher. The Ferrari F2003-GA with chassis number 229 will begin to be auctioned to the public on November 9, 2022.

RM Sotheby’s has set an initial price of 7.5 million US dollars, equal to 114 billion Rp. It is a very high price but the price considering that this car has a history makes this racing car worth appreciating at that price. During the subsequent auction process, RM Sotheby’s ensures that the auctioned car is still in pristine condition, complete with engine and many other equipment.

For information, the Ferrari F2003-GA driven by Michael Schumacher was used to navigate the 2003 F1 season. During the current season, Schumacher managed to collect 5 wins and 7 podiums. And with this car, Schumacher managed to take his sixth F1 world title out of a total of seven world titles he has achieved over the course of his career.

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One of Michael Schumacher's F1 cars will be auctioned, that's the price!

In the 2003 season, Schumacher had to fight until the final race before he could finally embrace the world title that year. His main rivals throughout the season that year were McLaren’s Kimi Raikkonen and Williams’s Juan Pablo Montoya. And with this car he was able to surpass the number of world titles belonging to racing legend Juan Manuel Fangio.

This Ferrari F2003-GA is equipped with a 3,000 cc naturally aspirated V10 engine capable of generating power up to 845 hp. This engine can also exceed the rev limit or a very high engine speed of 19,000 rpm. So don’t be surprised if this car is one of the fastest cars ever on the F1 track. So, for you Michael Scumacher fans, are you interested in participating in this auction?


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