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PO Pandawa 87 releases the Hino RM 280 bus, using the Skylander R22 SHD body. The bus uses a New Armada body with air suspension, space chassis.

The delivery ceremony of the last PO Pandawa 87 bus was held at the New Armada Corps located in Jl. Mayjen. Bambang Soegeng No. 7 Magelang, with the symbolic delivery of the miniature bus Hello represented by Anton Nugroho, deputy GM Bus PT Hino Motors Sales Indonesia (HMSI), and Charles Hugo Wahyadiyatmika, managing director of PT Mekar Armada Jaya to Gunawan Agung as owner of PO Pandawa 87.

This bus has an attractive front with sporty lines and curves. Using a double-glazed model with a distinctive ban, this bus is also equipped with a reversing camera design with a variety of blue led covers that add a futuristic impression.

Hino bus rm 280 can carry motorcycles

PO Pandawa 87 Hino Bus releases RM 280

This latest bus from PO Pandawa 87 also has a “los” or translucent left-to-right luggage design that allows the bike to fit into the trunk without having to be tilted.

Overall, this bus uses a combined blue color design and modern livery. At the rear of the bus, it is also equipped with an LED screen to view camera images in front of the bus or information that can be seen by the drivers behind the bus.

This latest bus from PO Pandawa 87 also has a “los” or translucent left-to-right luggage design that allows the bike to fit into the trunk without having to be tilted. This spacious luggage design is very possible thanks to the space frame frame that the Hino RM 280 has.

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Inside, inside the cabin bus designed to present an elegant appearance with the presence of wood motifs in different parts of the dashboard and interior. On pillar A there are also left and right LCD screens to view images from the reversing camera.

In addition, for passengers who also bring cargo into the cabin, there are also luggage compartments, chargers and drinks, as well as an interior decorated with attractive mood lights. For the passenger seat, using a brown leather dominated design by Rimba Kencana which further adds to the luxurious look.

Hino Bus RM 280 is also equipped with Overheat Control System (OCS) technology to prevent engine blowout because it is able to maintain a stable engine temperature which makes it reliable in traversing long toll roads such as Trans Java and Trans Sumatra. For this reason, Hino Bus RM 280 is perfect for the PO Pandawa 87 company engaged in inter-provincial inter-city transport (AKAP) and tour buses both for tourist destinations on the islands of Java, Madura, Bali, from Lombok to Sumatra Island.

“The delivery of Hino Bus RM 280 to PO Pandawa 87, marks the confidence given by Pak Haji Gunawan Agung as the owner of PO Pandawa 87 in Hino. At the same time, this is proof of the quality of Hino buses, which are capable of compete in the premium bus class to increase our customers’ profits and business progress, “explained Anton Nugroho, Deputy GM Bus HMSI.

“As a market leader, our bus line is known for being strong, powerful and has efficient and economical operating costs, including cost-effective maintenance and spare parts. Of course, this is an added value for bus entrepreneurs, ”concluded Anton.

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This is the review of PO Pandawa 87, the Hino RM 280 bus exit. Stay tuned Moladin.com to update the latest automotive news.


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