Price list of used Daihatsu Ayla, starting from 60 million IDR

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The price of a used Daihatsu Ayla is now quite affordable. Also in the auction room, there is also a price starting from Rp. 30 million. Of course, this low price can be a solution for those looking for a used car on a tight budget.

As we know, Daihatsu Ayla itself has existed for 8 years in Indonesia. Machine LCGC was first released in 2013 and has survived to this day. Just the new model, the official price is quite low and even predicted as the cheapest car in the country. Therefore, the used version of the Daihatsu Ayla is certainly interesting also in terms of price.

Also, to get a better unit, you shouldn’t take Daihatsu Ayla whose kilometers are already high. The reason is that if the kilometer is high, it is generally used for online taxis. Well, many cars used as online taxis are not properly cared for.

As an illustration, Ayla in 2020 generally has kilometers of less than 100,000 kilometers. For normal use 60 km / day. So if it’s more than that, you shouldn’t choose it. Especially if on the side of the treatment it is not clear. Apart from the fact that the one kilometer tall former Ayla was well maintained. So there are no problems.

So, are you interested in having a used Ayla car? Below is a price list of used Daihatsu Ayla from year to year:

The cheapest, Daihatsu Ayla First Issue 2013 – 2016 (Rp 50 Million – Rp 75 Million)

used daihatsu ayla price

The former Daihatsu Ayla 2013-2016 is suitable for those with a budget of IDR 80 million and below

For those of you who are looking at LCGC cars Daihatsu Ayla, you need to know that in the first years of its appearance this car was only equipped with a 1,000cc three-cylinder engine with the code 1KER-DE. So there is no 1,200cc version.

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The new Daihatsu Ayla 1.0 price at that time was rated by Rp. 76.65 million for the standard D type. Ayla type D is really given a production car without air conditioning, power steering and electric windows as standard.

For now, the price of a used Ayla car with variant D warnings in 2013-2016 starts at Rp. 60 – 70 million. While the type is a level above it, namely the Daihatsu Ayla type D + (plus) with additional air conditioning and power steering. Used prices start at Rp. 60-65 million depending on the conditions for 2013-2016.

As for the Daihatsu Ayla type M Automatic, which is the middle class notice for 2013-2016, the price ranges from 70 to 75 million IDR. In Daihatsu Ayla the highest type, for example X AT, second hand prices for 2013-2016 are priced from 75-80 million IDR.

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For those of you who have a used car budget of between IDR 80 million and less. Daihatu Ayla 2013-2016 you really need to consider. It’s just that in terms of specs, you can’t ask for more, it’s really standard.

“For the first generations of Ayla, the price is quite low. But it is comparable to very standard conditions, “said Ahmad Sodikin, a used car dealer in the Klender area of ​​East Jakarta.

So if you are looking for a cheaper Daihatsu Ayla used 2013-2016 price. You can find it at the auction house. There you can still find the price of a used Ayla of 30 million, but the conditions are certainly not optimal.

Price Daihatsu Ayla Facelift 2017 – 2019 (Rp 80 Million – Rp 100 Million)

used daihatsu Ayla price

The Daihatsu Ayla facelift is an interesting choice. Because this model already has a 1.2L engine option.

The price of the next used Daihatsu Ayla is for the 2017 restyling release. In this era, look Daihatsu Ayla more modern. Even with the features it has more and more sophisticated.

However, the price of the used car is obviously higher than the previous model. “For this model, the advantages are that there is a 1.2-liter engine option, the design is also modern,” added Sodikin.

Indeed, if you look at the outside, the revamped Daihatsu Ayla looks more elegant and already carries a headlamp headlamp complete with LED daytime running light (DRL).

The interior is also made more attractive with a sporty touch. The entertainment device has also been updated with a 2 DIN Audio touchscreen with steering wheel audio buttons. Daihatsu is also equipped with an Immobilizer function as a means of safety.

Not only the appearance and features presented in the new package, in the second generation for the first time Daihatsu also presented Ayla with a more powerful engine option, namely 1,200 cc Dual VVT-i.

The 3NR-VE coded engine is equipped with stabilizing devices, both in the rear and front sectors, useful for providing stability when driving the car even at high speeds.

For the price of a second car Ayla, as we have summarized from the used car pages, Ayla price used notices for 2017 – 2019 from Rp 90 to Rp 100 million for a 1.2 L engine.

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As for the 1.0 L engine option, the official price starts from Rp. 80 million. Cheaper, because the volume is smaller and less powerful.

Daihatsu Ayla Facelift 2020 price (110 million Rp)

used daihatsu ayla price 2020

To get a better unit, you shouldn’t get a used Daihatsu Ayla whose kilometers are already high.

For those of you who want a used car that is still young, this latest Daihatsu Ayla facelift can be a solution. The advantage of buying a young Ayla unit is that the engine conditions are slightly better.

Because generally the 2020 Ayla engine is still covered by the Astra Daihatsu Motor warranty. Also, for a car that is 2 years old, the kilometers are still low.

Likewise for the interior, the average car is still 1-2 years old, the condition is still clean and the tires are still tight.

For Daihatsu advantages Ayla 2020 This is said to be more environmentally friendly, the appearance of the body is also sportier.

For example, on the outside, it has a large grille design on the front and front bumpers. For the grille design, Ayla combines a piano black grille with chrome accents.

In addition, other changes to this model concern the design of the mirrors, a new combination of rear lights, 14-inch alloy wheels with a Sigra-like design, Deluxe decal under the A-pillar near the rear-view mirror and Talang Air.

In the model, particularly in the higher variant, the AC settings were done digitally. Likewise with the double din touch screen main unit. This car also has a softer look with the use of retractable mirrors and parking camera sensors for reversing.

While in the engine sector, Daihatsu has not made any changes and still offers 2 engine options, namely 1.0 liter and 1.2 liter petrol engines. Even so there is an update on the feature. Namely the ABS and EBD braking systems, to complement other safety features that previously existed, namely the Dual SRS Airbags.

As for the 2020 Daihatsu Ayla, this is quite surprising, because there are many used units on the market with varying prices. For example, the price of a used 2020 Daihatsu Ayla, engine configuration 1.0 L, starting at Rp. 100 million. As for the 1.2-liter engine, it starts at 110 million rupees.

Oh yes, Daihatsu has also added 2 new color options to the Ayla 2020 facelift notice, namely Yellow Metallic and Glittering Silver Metallic. While the other 5 colors, namely Red Solid, Orange Metallic, Dark Gray Metallic, Icy White Solid and Ultra Black Solid.

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Things to watch out for when buying a used Ayla

Price used Daihatsu Ayla

Some things to consider when buying a used Ayla

The price of a used Daihatsu Ayla car is actually quite affordable. However, a used car name is certainly not as perfect as a new car purchased from an official dealer. Likewise with Ayla, the former principal who was alerted in 2013 that she is over 7, obviously there are some parts that need rejuvenation. Here is the information:

Pay attention to the condition of the body

The first thing when buying a used Ayla is the bodywork. Yes why LCGC car this is in fact widely used for online taxi fleets.

“Ayla is widely used for online taxis. If the driver is the owner of the car, the driver is still careful, yes, but if Ayla’s car belongs to a rental car and the driver is not the owner himself, he usually drives recklessly . So, there is a risk that the bodywork will have a lot of scratches or dents, ”explained Bobby, one of the owners of a used car dealer in Cirendeu.

Bobby also explained, even worse, that Ayla’s used body repair process was also in a workshop whose workmanship was not good, aka carelessly.

“Yes, the name is also an online taxi used car rental, so when it is about to be resold, the repair of the damaged bodywork is also in the workshop, which is done carelessly because of course the price is low. At first glance, it may not look like the repair results are negligent, but if you look at the details, you’ll see it, ”Bobby added.

Boring interior

Always related to the used Ayla previously used for online taxis, in addition to the external condition (bodywork) that must be considered, also the internal one must be considered carefully.

“The interior is also important to look out for as it affects comfort while driving. Well, if it was used for online taxis, most of the interior was not fresh, the seats and door trim were dull, the ceiling had stains or the steering wheel was worn, “explained Bobby.

Legs worn out

Next, the parts that need to be considered are the legs such as ball joints, tie rods and suspensions. In general, the condition of worn legs is due to the age factor.

“Usually Ayla is in 2013 or is the first generation. The legs must be considered due to age and must be replaced. Yes, you need to take a test ride so you can feel if the legs are still good or if something needs to be replaced. If you want to be on the safe side, bring a trusted mechanic or take the used Ayla to an official workshop for a thorough check, ”Bobby explained.

Here are the related reviews price of used car Ayla. We hope this summary of the price of a used Daihatsu Ayla will be your reference to find the best car. Keep watching for the latest updates on automotive news.

Rewritten by: Firdaus Ali


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