Rain Racing Drama, Sergio Perez wins the F1 race of the Singapore GP

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This is Sergio Perez’s second win in the 2022 season after his maiden win at the Monaco Grand Prix early last season.

Autos.id – The 2022 F1 season continues in the 17th series at the Singapore GP. In this race which took place on the Marina Bay Highway circuit, the race was filled with drama in rainy weather conditions and very demanding night races. And in the end, the Red Bull team driver, Sergio Perez, this time managed to come out the winner of the Singapore GP.

Perez managed to beat 2 Ferrari drivers, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz who had to be content with finishing in 2nd and 3rd position.

Road race

The Singapore GP F1 race is expected to last 61 laps and start at 20:00 local time. However, a thunderstorm that flooded the circuit a few hours before the race forced the race to be postponed for an hour. Until 21.00, the Singapore GP race could finally begin immediately.

Rain Racing Drama, Sergio Perez wins the F1 race of the Singapore GP

Charles Leclerc, who started from pole position, was unable to keep the first position. After the first corner he was overtaken by Sergio Perez. Lewis Hamilton, who started from third position, also lost a position after being overtaken by another Ferrari driver, Carlos Sainz. Meanwhile, Max Verstappen, who started from position 8, also dropped to position 12 after the start.

On lap eight, the Safety Car entered in the aftermath of an accident involving Zhou Guanyu of Alfa Romeo and Nicholas Latifi of Williams. Zhou was forced to finish the race early while Latifi had to enter a pit stop before finally finishing the race because the damage suffered made it difficult for her to continue the race.

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On lap 11 the Safety Car entered the pits and the race resumed. Max Verstappen, who had a bad start, slowly started to climb up to 8th position and a lap later, the provisional leader managed to overtake Pierre Gasly of Alpha Tauri to climb up to 7th position. race in his career, his F1 had to go off the track.

Rain Racing Drama, Sergio Perez wins the F1 race of the Singapore GP

This racing car from the Alpine team suffered engine damage which prevented the 2-time world champion from continuing the race. The Virtual Safety Car appeared and was used by several drivers to enter the pits. One of them is Team Mercedes driver George Russell, who changed his intermediate tires to dry tires because he felt the track had started to dry out.

On lap 29, Esteban Ocon, another Alpine team driver, also had to stop the race because his car was emitting white smoke. The Virtual Safety Car has resurfaced and used by most pit stop drivers by changing tires to dry tires, including the front row driver. After about 2 laps the race resumed.

On lap 33, Lewis Hamilton hit the wall at Turn 7 when he wanted to overtake Carlos Sainz. Despite this he was able to continue the race even if he had to lose several positions. On lap 36, Alpha Tauri driver Yuki Tusnoda crashed into a wall at corner 10 and his car was damaged, so he was unable to continue the race.

Following the i = accident, the Safety Car re-entered the track and was used by several drivers to make a pit stop again. On lap 40 the race resumed and an accident was experienced by Max Verstappen. The Dutch driver widened in the fifth corner because his brakes locked when he wanted to overtake Lando Norris.

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As a result, Verstappen moved up to 5th position and is downhill again. For the rest of the race, Leclerc who had the fastest car tried to overtake Perez to steal the win. However, the various efforts made did not produce results until the end of the race. Then Lewis Hamilton also expanded so much that he had to lose his position again.

The race itself ended on lap 59 of the 61 scheduled laps due to the 2 hour duration. Sergio Perez came out as the Singapore F1 GP winner after successfully overcoming Charles Leclerc’s stamina throughout the race. Carlos Sainz completed the podium after finishing third. While Max Verstappen had to be satisfied with finishing in 7th position and had to wait for the next 1 race to be able to win the world title.

Rain Racing Drama, Sergio Perez wins the F1 race of the Singapore GP

Hours after the race, Sergio Perez was penalized by 5 seconds for not slowing down during the Safety Car period. However, as he finished with a difference of around 7.5 seconds, his position was still safe and he was nevertheless announced as the winner of the race. This is Sergio Perez’s second win in the 2022 season after previously winning the Monaco Grand Prix.

In the driver standings, Max Verstappen still leads the top of the standings with 341. However, due to his poor results at the Singapore GP, he had to be patient to secure his second world title. Charles Leclerc is still in second place with 237 and only 2 points clear of Sergio Perez.

The next F1 race will continue at the Suzuka circuit in the Japanese Grand Prix from 7 to 9 October. In this race, Max Verstappen has the opportunity to become world champion for the second time in the Honda home race.

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