Recall of the affected BMW CE04 electric motor, this is the cause!

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The cause is the problem of the connection bracket between the horn and the bike frame that loosens easily with use Call back The BMW CE04. – Bad news from a German motorcycle brand, BMW Motorrad. One of its products that uses electric technology, the BMW CE04 was impressed call back or call of units. The problem with the horn bracket easily loosening over time is the cause of BMW Motorrad call back for this bike.

Call back on the BMW CE04 this applies to units circulating on the European continent, although it is not yet known whether other markets will receive it too call back or not.

Recall of the affected BMW CE04 electric motor, this is the cause!

Details of the problem Call back

As reported by ride apartthe bracket that connects the horn to the frame o body this engine has the potential to sag over time. There is a fear that this component will fall directly into the front wheel and cause the handlebar to lock when the engine is turned to the left.

This is very dangerous especially when you turn the engine and suddenly the handlebar freezes, making the engine uncontrollable. The bracket that connects the frame and the horn is an important component, especially for the safety of the rider and those around him.

BMW Motorrad itself has asked consumers whose motorcycles have been affected by this problem to be brought to the store dealer or authorized workshop. BMW Motorrad did not mention the exact number of affected units and did not say whether to replace the entire bracket or simply move the position of the bracket.

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Recall of the affected BMW CE04 electric motor, this is the cause!

BMW Motorrad itself mentions it call back on the BMW CE04 this is only for units sold in the European market. It is not yet known whether the units affected by this recall also affect units from other countries such as Indonesia.

In Indonesia, BMW Group Indonesia just launched CEO4 for sale in the domestic market some time ago. This fairly large electric motor is priced at IDR 380 million Off road Jakarta. Which means when converted to price On the road is in the range of Rp. 400 million.


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