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Mercedes Benz EQE SUV released, luxury electric car with 3 main screens

The Mercedes Benz EQE SUV has the same platform as the sedan version but offers more interior space and a choice of 3 touch screens on the dashboard.

Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV released as a luxury electric car offering comfort and advanced technology in the Mercedes electrification segment. The SUV version of the Mercedes-Benz EQE sedan will face other electric SUVs, such as the Tesla Model Y, BMW iX and Audi e-Tron.

Same platform but more compact

Using the EVA2 platform, strangely this SUV version is much shorter than the sedan model. Where the wheelbase is registered at 3,030 mm, while the overall length of the EQE SUV is registered at 4,864 mm.

new car Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV 2024
The Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV is more compact than the sedan version

The exterior has a design affinity with its electric car companion, sister Mercedes. The grille panel is glossy black, but the bodywork is made smoother with a more horizontal hood line than the more curved EQE and EQS sedan models.

There is a performance package with the Mercedes-AMG EQE that offers a more masculine style and more power. The sportier version features Airmatic suspension with 48 volt anti-roll bar. Present as the first Mercedes electric car to offer this technology.

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Relax and luxury in the cabin

The interior of the Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV is not very different from the sedan model. Including the presence of three touch screens on a magnificent dashboard. In the center is a 12.8-inch head unit, plus a 12.3-inch instrument cluster in front of the steering wheel.

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new car interior Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV 2024
There are three screens on the dashboard of the EQE SUV

Meanwhile, consumers choosing the Hyperscreen type can get a 17.7-inch center screen and 12.3-inch touchscreen available for front passengers. And for the first time, you can choose an image as wallpaper when the screen is not in use.

Cabin space also feels more spacious with a more upright seating position. Rear passengers also get more legroom and headroom. The rear seat can also be reclined for added comfort.

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Traveled up to 550 kilometers

Hidden under the floor is a 90.6 kWh battery pack, the same one used by the EQE sedan. Making it capable of covering a distance of 550 kilometers on a single charge, which is 110 kilometers less than the sedan model.

But the EQE SUV is capable of charging 170 kW DQ, allowing for a 10% to 80% charge in 32 minutes. With a 240-volt charge for household electricity, Mercedes reveals that it charges from 10% to 100% in 9.5 hours.

Steering wheel for Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV 2024 electric car
Luxury and technology are felt in the cabin

The EQE 350+ has a single electric motor mounted on the rear axle, producing 288hp and 565Nm of maximum torque. While the all-wheel drive type 350 4Matic adds a motor in the front axle with maximum torque that rises to 765 Nm.

Mercedes has revealed that the EQE SUV will be distributed to dealerships for the first time in the first half of next year. There is no more complete information on the price of the Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV, but it is expected to be priced at $ 75,000 (around Rp 1.16 billion).

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