[REVIEW] Honda Vario 160 – Ok design, powerful engine performance

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Honda Vario 160 is equipped with a new 160cc 4-valve engine based on the Honda PCX. After a few days of testing with BlogOtive, the impression of driving the Vario 160 Fun to Ride with good handling and very powerful engine performance, especially at low revs.

In terms of comfort, the rear shock tends to be a little harder and is very noticeable when used for riding without a harness, but it definitely has a positive impact on good handling.

BlogOtive likes the design of the front of this bike, with the combination of the headlights in the shape of a “v” where there is a DRL cross that connects the headlights and turn signals. In addition to the front faceplate, I like the side and rear design because this bike looks big and eye-catching due to its larger size and bigger legs.

Honda Vario 160 review by Hendri Widananto

With the presence of disc brakes at the rear for the ABS type (the unit I tested) obviously braking more safely using the Vario 160 than the other Vario series, but unfortunately for the CBS variant which still uses drum brakes , the type of drum the brake is the type This CBS does not seem to keep up with the performance of its kicking engine.

The trunk fits a helmet (half face) with a volume of 18 liters and a fuel tank capacity of 5.5 liters. Storage problematic, Honda Vario 160 has quite enough storage capacity. The positive thing is that there is a closed compartment drawer to the left of the dashboard, inside there is space to put a mobile phone and it is very raised, in addition there is a power socket with USB socket, the presence of a USB socket and not a lighter is also very easy for users. But unfortunately, according to BlogOtive, this drawer is difficult to open and access is tight because it is too tight on the handlebar. I find it difficult to open the lid when I stop at the red light.

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Here is a BlogOtive review that I summarized in a video.

Honda Vario 160 video review


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