Safe driving is part of the New Year’s Resolution 2023

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Wahana Honda reminds us of the importance of safe driving for new purposes
Wahana Honda reminds us of the importance of safe driving for new purposes

ROCKMOTIVE, Jakarta – Welcoming the start of the new year 2023, safety in driving or safe driving must also be updated in line with technology which is on the vehicle.

For this reason, in order to provide a qualified safety aspect, there are several things that must be considered and updated so that driving becomes more pleasant and relaxing.

Responding to a more comprehensive knowledge of safe driving, Agus Sani, also shared several explanations regarding these safety aspects.

“Not only for himself, but also aware that he contributes to a safe road atmosphere for everyone,” said Agus Sani, driving safety instructor at Wahana Honda.

Not only that, he also invited the public, especially motorists motorcycle to make riding safety a New Year’s resolution. The reason is that road traffic activities are part of the daily activities of human life.

Agus Sani also added that skill and knowledge are not the main thing for drivers to have a safe driving attitude on the highway. Character and awareness are an important part of the formation of the driver’s concern for the implementation of safe behavior for himself and for others.

Safe search resolution

Seeing how important safe driving knowledge is for driving, PT. Vehicle Makmur Sejati (WMS), not only has qualified educational facilities but is also supported by competent and highly dedicated human resources in their fields.

Here are some things drivers need to pay attention to in order to behave properly and properly on the road:

1. Be aware that safe driving is not only for you but for others as well.
2. Raise awareness of the importance of safe driving for those closest to you.
3. Lead by example with a good attitude by obeying traffic rules.
4. Respecting personal safety is everything.
5. Equip yourself with safe driving equipment.
6. Highways belong together.
7. Release your thoughts, emotions and problems at home. Break free while driving on the highway.

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