South Borneo Rally 2023 features challenging characters

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South Borneo Rally 2023
Challenging track characters are the main course of South Borneo Rally 2023

ROCKMOTIVE, Tapin – Ahead of the 2023 South Borneo Rally to be held in Tapin, South Kalimantan on August 4-6, 2023, the organizers continue to make various preparations.

The character of the track which will be ridden by these national riders will present an inspiring character.

Different modern rally cars like Skoda Fabia R5, Hyundai i20 R5, Citroen R5, Ford R5 and Toyota GR Yaris AP4they will once again show their skills in the land of Borneo.

Geographically, the area at the bottom of Borneo island is full of different contours. Starting from asphalt, rocks on the ground, this will be a handicap that will have to be conquered by the national riders.

HM Prayudha, as the Chief Organizer of the 2023 South Borneo Rally, explained that in this round, the drivers not only had to prepare their rally cars very well. However, they also prepare themselves physically to be able to compete optimally.

“Besides a suitable car, the physical condition of the drivers must of course also be in top form. Because this second round features a trajectory character that is no less extreme than in other regions. Such a demanding profile will be a handicap for every step of an adrenaline-hungry racer,” explained HM Prayudha.

The entire distance that the national rally will cover will be 321.15 kilometers and will be divided into 13 Special Stages (SS). In each stage, they must achieve the fastest time before it is accumulated at the end of the race to determine who will become the winner in the 2023 South Borneo Rally.

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In response to this, the Deputy Chief Organiser, Adi Wibowo, also said that through the presence of a new circuit in South Kalimantan, it is hoped that it will not only quench the thirst of the domestic racers but should provide stimuli for the new generation to be more interested in rallying events in Indonesia.

“If we take a look, the existence of this new circuit indicates that the interest of rally enthusiasts in Indonesia is expanding. Not only in Medan, North Sumatra, but now also exploring South Kalimantan, with its distinctive character Indonesian racers need to pay attention to. Also, through the 2023 South Borneo Rally series, it will hopefully attract more motorsport enthusiasts to join this championship,” added Adi Wibowo.

Below is the schedule of South Borneo Rally 2023:

Friday 4 August 2023
– SS1 Super SS Rantau Baru (Office of the Tapin Regent)

Saturday 5 August 2023
– SS2 Bakula Region 1
– SS3 Batu Belawan 1
– SS4 Campil 1
– SS5 Pulau Pinang 1
– SS6 Bakula Region 2
– SS7 Batu Belawan 2
– SS8 Camp 2

Sunday 6 August 2023
– SS9 Kampil Reverse 1
– SS10 Pulau Pinang 2
– SS11 Kampil Reverse 2
– SS12 Balipat 1
– SS13 Balipat 2


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