Suzuki delivers the first 26 Grand Vitaras to consumers

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Ready to lead the way in Indonesia, Suzuki has officially delivered the first Grand Vitara unit to consumers

Jakarta, – Located in the Senayan area of ​​Jakarta, today (3/6), PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS) delivered the first 26 units of the Grand Vitara to consumers. The delivery of the first unit to consumers in the Jabodetabek area, who have been placing orders since last February 2023, also marks the start of distribution of the units to consumers across Indonesia.

The official delivery of the first Grand Vitara unit was not only ceremonial, the SIS Management welcomed customers by providing product information and inviting consumers to directly check the units they would receive, assisted by the experts of the Suzuki dealer team.

Handing over the keys to one of the customers

Simultaneously with the delivery ceremony of the first unit, all Suzuki dealers in Indonesia are also ready to distribute the Grand Vitara to consumers who have previously ordered it. In addition, SIS has also ensured that the stock availability of the Grand Vitara has also been satisfied throughout the Suzuki dealer network in Indonesia to satisfy the curiosity of the public and potential customers who want to see and experience the Grand Vitara directly through a test drive. service.

Donny Saputra, as explained Head Of Marketing – PT SIS, since it was first launched in February 2023, Grand Vitara SPK (Vehicle Order Letter) until May has reached more than 350 units. “The first unit delivered was a consumer order last February. For the units most ordered by consumers, it is the higher variant i.e. the Tipo GX versus the lower type i.e. the Tipo GL,” he explained.

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Donny further revealed that even though the Grand Vitara itself is a CBU from India, consumers looking to order the Grand Vitara don’t need to rotate because stock is already available at Suzuki dealerships across Indonesia. “Although the journey from India to Indonesia takes around 20 days, we already supplied the Grand Vitara to Indonesia when it was first launched,” he added.

The first 26 consumers who received the Grand Vitara

Donny also added, for the availability of spare parts, both fast and slow, consumers need not worry, because SIS has been preparing them since its first launch.

The existence of the Grand Vitara, which carries Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki (SHVS) technology, further strengthens Suzuki’s position as an increasingly environmentally aware manufacturer and automotive brand, and helps consumers achieve better economic efficiency.

The benefits of SHVS technology are the ability to reduce exhaust emission levels by up to 15% and reduce fuel consumption when not needed with the automatic engine start and stop function. The effectiveness of SHVS technology in supporting a cleaner vehicle and environment will be further utilized by Suzuki in other passenger car models in stages.

26 Grand Vitara units were delivered to the first consumers in Greater Jakarta, such as panoramic sunroof, 6-speed automatic transmission with paddle shift, 9-inch touchscreen head unit with smartphone connectivity, Cruise Control, Head-Up Display (HUD), wireless charging for smartphones, 6 airbags, LED headlamp along with Autolight with Guide Me Light, 360 camera and integrated auto-dimming center mirror from Suzuki.

Available in seven color choices with a choice of types namely GL and GX, the Suzuki Grand Vitara can now be priced at (On The Road DKI Jakarta) IDR 359,400,000 for the GL type, IDR 384,400,000 for the GX Single Tone type and IDR 387.400.000 for the GX Two Tone type.

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