Suzuki Salute price in various countries, how much is it in Indonesia?

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The price for the Suzuki Saluto is NTD 78,000. Taiwan is the first country to introduce this typical Italian style scooter. If yes, how much is Greeting in Indonesia?

Its price in Indonesia itself is around…

Before going to homeland, I want to inform all my friends about the Suzuki price. Greetings to Taiwan and Thailand first.

Introduced at the 2020 Taipei World New Car Show auto show, Wave is the dream of many people, not only there and there but also here.

The price in Taiwan is NTD 78 thousand, when converted to Rupee it is about Rp. 40 million rupees to redeem 1 unit of Salute 125.

Suzuki Salute dark blue

After Taiwan, it was the turn of our neighbor who first presented this motorcycle, namely Thailand, in the country of white elephants, the Suzuki Saluto was presented for the first time at the Thailand International Motor Expo on November 30, 2021.

The price has not been announced by Suzuki Thailand so far, the product has not even appeared on their official website. But if some automotive media say so, such as Greatbiker, the price is between 60,000 baht and 70,000 baht.

When converted in Indonesia, the price for the Suzuki Saluto 125 in Thailand is IDR 26 million to IDR 30 million.

Suzuki Salute on the street

Price Suzuki Salute in Indonesia

Before we get curious about the price of the Suzuki Salute in Indonesia, it would be better to pray and hope that Suzuki brings this bike to Indonesia. Because so far there are still no signs that PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS) 2W will introduce this product in the near future.

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But if we can speculate, the price of Wave in Indonesia might not be as cheap as Yamaha Fazzio or Honda Scoopy which are sold in align Rp. 18-22 million, provided that Suzuki brings it on a CBU basis.

Yes I hope Suzuki Indonesia bring Saluto to Indonesia soon because this bike has been seen by many people in Indonesia… and if I can give an opinion, the design is still number one compared to Fazzio or Scoopy. Yok gas Suzuki!!

Hi Suzuki


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