Tesla introduces a charger adapter that can charge electric cars anywhere

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This Tesla charger adapter allows you to charge electric cars at any time using the CCS Combo 1 charging capacity of 250 kW.

Autos.id – An innovation made by the automotive giant famous for its electric car, Tesla. This Elon Musk brand has just launched a new tool they call a charger adapter that allows Tesla car owners to charge their electric car anywhere.

However, the charger adapter presented by Tesla is only compatible for different cars such as Tesla Model 3, Y, S and X produced in 2020 and beyond.

Tesla introduces an adapter charger that allows you to charge electric cars anywhere

It can charge electric cars almost anywhere

As reported by CarBuzz, Tesla claims that the charger adapter they have has several advantages. One of them is that this charger can be used in various data charging rates up to 250 kW. And Tesla’s charger adapter price tends to be cheaper than the aftermarket charger adapter.

Tesla claims that using the charger adapter with CCS Combo 1 can be compatible with most Tesla cars. However, there are some products that require a retrofit to ensure optimal use of this charger adapter by ensuring that third party CCS charging stations are also compatible with this device.

Before making a purchase, Tesla advises consumers to check if their car is compatible with the charger adapter. The trick is to use the latest software available before getting into a Tesla car, so a car compatibility check will be done before you can finally buy a charger adapter.

Tesla introduces an adapter charger that allows you to charge electric cars anywhere

The price of this Tesla charger adapter using the CCS Combo 1 is priced around US $ 250 or the equivalent of Rp 3.8 million. The price is also much cheaper than similar charger adapters from different Aftermarket brands. But unfortunately, currently the available charger adapter is still limited and will start shipping to consumers within 2 weeks of ordering.

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In the future, Trsla will increase the capabilities of its charger adapter and may be more compatible with older Tesla models. Now, for those of you Tesla car owners compatible with this charger adapter, are you interested in buying and trying this tool?


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