Tesla Model 3 Extreme Modification by Manhart, it becomes even flatter!

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In addition to providing a more sportyHe also carries this Tesla Model 3 modified by Manhart update on performance, even if not significant.

Autos.id – Speaking of electric cars, surely many think that it is very difficult to make quite extreme and radical changes. Well, recently the modification house Manhart made quite extreme and radical changes to one of the popular Tesla models, the Model 3.

Not only by making changes to the appearance, Manhart also made changes to the Tesla Model 3 in terms of engines and performance transmission-his.

Manhart makes extreme changes to the Tesla Model 3

Changes Provided

Adapted from Engine 1, what Manhart did for the Tesla Model 3 is not apathetic. Starting with the use of a new suspension, namely the TM3 510 it uses lowering springs by H & R, making this Tesla Model 3 much flatter. In addition, the use of 21-inch Manhart Barracuda rims with a slim profile also reinforces the impression of an increasingly flatter car.

Well, for this Manhart Barracuda wheel, it comes in various color choices like Platinum Gray and other unique colors. The tires used are also very thin, measuring 235/30 R21. So don’t be surprised if the Tesla Model 3 which is in standard condition already looks flat to be even flatter.

So the next change Manhart made is the use of a splitter and carbon which reinforces the impression sporty on this machine. He didn’t stop there, Manhart also put some red and gray accents on the hood and trunk.

Manhart makes extreme changes to the Tesla Model 3

In the rearview mirror, this electric car also features red accents on the rearview mirror complete with Manhart sticker at the bottom of the door. As well as the front fascia e grill also given accent Honeycomb which further reinforces the impression of a car that sporty and fierce. Inside, Manhart still retains the factory default interiors even though consumers can request as requested.

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In addition to the appearance, Manhart also dared to modify a very vital part, namely the engine and transmission-his. This Manhart modified Tesla Model 3 now gets a dual electric motor with performance-focused specs. The power generated can reach 513 hp and a torque of 660 Nm.

Power and torque are basically still based on a standard lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 82 kWh. However, the resulting power change only slightly changes the car’s performance. This happens because Tesla has locked the ECU settings on all of its production cars, so it cannot be arbitrarily tampered with.

While the variation in power produced isn’t that significant, the Model 3’s standard power is actually quite fast. For Tesla Model 3 owners, it could be said that the modifications Manhart made can be quite a unique and interesting inspiration.


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