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Are you planning a road trip in your Tesla around Sacramento and wondering where to find the nearest Supercharger stations? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will take a deep dive into the Tesla Supercharger map of Sacramento, providing you with all the information you need to ensure a smooth and convenient charging experience.

With the growing popularity of electric vehicles, Tesla has been at the forefront of creating a vast network of Supercharger stations across the country. Sacramento, being a hub for green initiatives and sustainable transportation, offers numerous Supercharger options for Tesla owners. From downtown Sacramento to surrounding areas, we will explore the locations, amenities, and charging speeds of each Supercharger station in detail.

1. Downtown Sacramento Supercharger Station

Located conveniently in the heart of downtown Sacramento, this Supercharger station offers high-speed charging capabilities for Tesla owners. With multiple stalls available, you can expect a shorter wait time and quick top-ups, ensuring you’re back on the road in no time.

Summary: Discover the prime location and fast charging options at the Downtown Sacramento Supercharger Station.

2. Roseville Supercharger Station

If you’re heading towards Roseville, this Supercharger station is a must-visit. Situated near popular shopping centers and restaurants, you can charge your Tesla while enjoying a meal or exploring nearby attractions.

Summary: Explore the convenience and surrounding amenities of the Roseville Supercharger Station.

3. Folsom Supercharger Station

Planning a trip to Folsom Lake or the Historic Folsom District? This Supercharger station is strategically located, offering Tesla owners a chance to charge their vehicles before or after enjoying the local attractions.

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Summary: Learn about the accessibility and nearby attractions of the Folsom Supercharger Station.

4. Elk Grove Supercharger Station

Serving the growing community of Elk Grove, this Supercharger station caters to both residents and travelers passing through. Discover the charging speeds and nearby amenities that make this station a popular choice.

Summary: Find out why the Elk Grove Supercharger Station is a preferred charging spot for Tesla owners in the area.

5. Davis Supercharger Station

Located near the vibrant city of Davis, this Supercharger station offers a convenient charging option for those exploring the University of California, Davis campus or visiting the downtown area.

Summary: Explore the proximity and accessibility of the Davis Supercharger Station to popular Davis destinations.

6. West Sacramento Supercharger Station

Close to the Sacramento River and downtown West Sacramento, this Supercharger station provides Tesla owners with a reliable and efficient charging solution while enjoying the scenic views or exploring the local dining options.

Summary: Discover the beauty of the surroundings and charging amenities at the West Sacramento Supercharger Station.

7. Rocklin Supercharger Station

Whether you’re passing through Rocklin or exploring its historic sites, this Supercharger station offers a convenient pit stop to recharge your Tesla. Discover the charging speeds and attractions nearby.

Summary: Uncover the charging capabilities and nearby points of interest at the Rocklin Supercharger Station.

8. Rancho Cordova Supercharger Station

Serving the community of Rancho Cordova, this Supercharger station provides a reliable charging option for local Tesla owners. Learn about the amenities and nearby attractions that make it a popular choice.

Summary: Learn about the convenience and accessibility of the Rancho Cordova Supercharger Station.

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9. Auburn Supercharger Station

Heading towards the Sierra Nevada Mountains or exploring the charming town of Auburn? This Supercharger station allows you to charge your Tesla while enjoying the picturesque scenery or grabbing a bite to eat at nearby restaurants.

Summary: Discover the scenic location and charging amenities at the Auburn Supercharger Station.

10. Woodland Supercharger Station

If you’re traveling along Interstate 5 or exploring the agricultural town of Woodland, this Supercharger station offers a reliable charging solution for Tesla owners. Learn about the charging speeds and nearby attractions.

Summary: Find out why the Woodland Supercharger Station is a convenient stop for Tesla owners in the area.

In conclusion, the Tesla Supercharger map in Sacramento provides an extensive network of charging stations strategically located throughout the region. Whether you’re exploring downtown Sacramento, nearby suburbs, or venturing into the beautiful countryside, you can count on a reliable and efficient charging experience. So, plan your road trip confidently, knowing that Tesla has your charging needs covered in Sacramento!

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