The advantages and disadvantages of Honda Astrea Star you need to know!

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[ad_1] – The perks of Honda Star bikes you owe to u, dude, are old school bikes no longer popular? falling sales? However, the question of retro mopeds continues to be thrown out.

Like the Honda Astrea Star, the retro Honda motorcycle, first introduced in Indonesia in 1985, is the successor to the Astrea 800.

So we’re going to talk about Asteria Star, which was launched in 1990. What has it been like for almost 30 years?

1990 Honda Astrea Star video review:

the advantages of astrea star

His physical condition will certainly not be new. But it’s still worth using.

The lamp with a classic box design, still looks elegant. Some parts still need to be refurbished to look new.

A bit of history. Maybe you know. So this Astrea Star marks the era of the modern Honda moped.

Asteria Star is one of the next generations of the Honda Super Cub generation that will move on to the Honda Supra Series.

First born in 1985, Super Cub series, Astrea 700, continued Astrea 800, now there is a new series, Astrea Prima, Astrea Grand, Legenda, Supra.

It uses a larger engine than the Astrea 800, with a capacity of 85.8cc 1 SOHC cylinder. It also has an electric start.

In addition, the transmission has also been updated, from the previous 3 speeds to the current 4 speeds and received a rotary system, from N 1 2 3 4 4 N again.

So what’s the trademark, this is the latest Honda motorcycle with a swingarm on the front wheel, so it doesn’t have a telescopic suspension. There is a role in the palace.

related design problem. Unlike the all-round C70, it is more boxy. But yeah, old motorcycles are mostly about lights, they only have two designs, square and round.

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How does it feel to be transported on the road?

Shifting is still smooth, no different from today’s ducks. Speed ​​is still safe on complex or city streets.

The request to accelerate to 40-60 km / h is still very good and can be serviced.

Because of the drum brakes, the grip is a bit lacking and tends to deflect. Management is still good. Perhaps the front wheels still use the swingarm to make it stiffer and more stable when maneuvering.

The rear suspension is soft and comfortable.

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Honda Astra Star Technical Specifications:


. Length 184.5 cm

. Width 66 cm

. Height 105 cm

Frame type / frame body

. spine


. 118 cm

Empty weight

. 83 kg

Type of machine

. 4 stroke, 1 cylinder, SOHC, AC

Hole x stroke

. 47 x 49.5 mm

Dimensions of the cylinder

. 85.8 cc

Compression ratio

. 9: 4: 1


. Automatic, wet, multi-plate

transmission gear

. 4 speeds

Gear mechanism design

. N-1-2-3-4-N


. Kihin 16 mm x1


. 12V-4AH



. ND U22FS-U

Lighting system


Launch system

. You open

. Electric start

Petrol tank capacity

. 4 liters


. drum face

. The back of the drum

Tire size

. Opposite 2.25-17

. Rear 2.50-17

Advantages and disadvantages of Honda Astraea Prima – The Honda Astrea Prima was the idol motorcycle of its time. But now the model is obsolete. However, quite a few who like and seek this Honda bike from below.

The Honda Astrea Prima motorcycle was very popular in the 1990s and is a successor model to the previous Honda Astrea 800 and Astrea Star.

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Advantages of Honda Astraea Prima

the benefits of astrea first
the benefits of astrea first

This Honda Astrea Prima motorcycle is a derivative of the Honda Super Cub model. After the Super Cub, followed by Honda Astrea 700, Astrea 800, then Astrea Star and finally Astrea Prima.

However, for now the engine performance is sufficient to be used as an everyday motorcycle.

Below is the advantages of Honda Astraea Prima:

1. Soft suspension

This Astrea Prima motorcycle is the first generation motorcycle that uses telescopic suspension features on the front wheels. On older Honda motorcycles, the oscillating suspension is still used.

One of the advantages of this telescopic leg is that braking is more comfortable than the swing system.

2. Rigid machine performance

At that time, all parts of the Astrea Prima engine were sent from Japan to be assembled in Indonesia. The specifications of the Astrea Prima engine are single cylinder and a 97cc displacement. The engine type is 4-stroke and OHC air-cooled.

The power of this engine is 8.9hp / 8000rpm, the maximum torque is 8.9hp / 8000rpm with a compression ratio of 9: 1. The fuel combustion system uses a 16-inch Kihin carburetor. The volume of the gas tank is approximately 3.7 liters and has a capacity of 0.9 liters of engine oil.

3. Electric start

Another advantage of the Astra Prima is the electric starter. This machine is equipped with an electric start button. At that time, there weren’t many motorcycles with electric starters. Generally the car at that time was only authorized to start the engine manually.

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Disadvantages of the Honda Astraea Prima

Despite being a popular motorcycle at the time, the Astrea Prima engine had its drawbacks. Here are the disadvantages of Honda Astraea Prima:

Monotonous colors and patterns

The color selection of Astrea Prima is very exclusive, this is one of the drawbacks. At the time, the color choice of this bike was only black white or solid black.

The choice of white color is black, only the black part is on the body, because the white color is visible on the wings. Then, in 1991, the Astrea Prima Limited Edition series was released and featured a full black color including wings.

This is the Honda Star and Honda Prima review, so friends, for those of you lovers of retro vintage models, this may be an option in this millennial era.

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