The maintenance fee for the Ertiga Hybrid is only Rp. 14,000 per day

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Maintenance costs of the Ertiga hybrid
Find out the detailed maintenance costs for Ertiga Hybrid

ROCKOMOTIVE, Jakarta – After his presence gave a new color to the auto industry in the country, along with the cost of maintaining the Ertiga hybrid for five years, which is officially given by the company.

PT Suzuki Indomobile Sales revealed, in the property, the budget that needs to be prepared is not that big. In their information, they said they only need to prepare funds for Rp. 13,337 per day.

Of course, the maintenance cost of this hybrid Ertiga is quite low because it has been equipped with the latest technological features that make it easier in terms of maintenance.

“With the description of the estimated maintenance budget that we inform you, it can make it easier for consumers to make a choice for the All New Ertiga hybrid,” explained Hariadi, assistant to the head of 4W sales at PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales, in la his official statement.

With the most affordable maintenance costs for the Ertiga hybrid, consumers also get the benefit of a free service of up to 3 years or a distance of 50,000 kilometers. For example, if the owner machine Those who have used this car for a period of 5 years or a mileage of 100,000 kilometers, new calculations will appear in the service period at 40,000 kilometers and 60,000 kilometers at 100,000 kilometers.

As for the amount of the issued price, it is stated that up to 100,000 kilometers of required funds is approximately Rp. 5,396,750 or Rp. 2,957 per day for automatic transmission.

While the maintenance costs for the Ertiga hybrid with manual transmission, the budget that needs to be prepared has slightly increased because there are several different treatments and the price is around Rp. 5,967,050 or Rp. 3,269 per day.

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“In addition, Suzuki also provides a warranty for Suzuki technology components Smart Hybrid, which means ISG (integrated Starter Generator) and lithium-ion battery for 5 years or the equivalent of 100,000 kilometers, “added Hariadi.

Suzuki offers a competitive price for the All New Ertiga Hybrid, in particular for the variant with automatic transmission Suzuki Sport (AT) worth Rp.292.300.000, – and manual transmission (MT) worth Rp.281.300.000, -. As for the GX variant, the automatic transmission (AT) is worth Rp. 281.300.000, – and the manual gearbox (MT) is worth Rp. 270.300.000, -. This price applies to DKI Jakarta area individually On the road.


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