The miniature toy exhibition is overrun with thousands of visitors

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The miniature toy exhibition attracts thousands of visitors
The miniature toy exhibition attracts thousands of visitors

ROCKOMOTIVE, Tangerang – Miniature toy exhibition titled Indonesia Diecast Expo 2022 will be officially held this weekend (29-30 / 10/2022) at Hall 10 ICE BSD, Tangerang.

On the first day of the event, thousands of visitors were registered for crowding the area. Not only children, but adults and parents also came together to become one in the event.

This miniature toy exhibit not only includes cars, but also many other varieties such as action figures and dioramas ranging from airplanes, trains and other dioramas.

“As for the attendees, if you copy from the existing data, there are about 50 traditional sellers, 10 special sellers, 21 collaborators who carry the brand and 22 communities come alive,” explained Arya Lembana, president of the Organizer during a brief interview on on the sidelines of the event – between events (29/10/2022).

Responding to visitors’ great interest in the miniature toy exhibit, Arya also added that her group was very grateful that this interest persisted from year to year.

“Tickets sold out on Friday (10/28/2022) night. Finally we added about 1,000 tickets. Thank God, Indonesia Diecast Expo is aiming for 10,000 visitors, so far I think it’s still on track,” added Arya.

The miniature toy exhibition attracts thousands of visitors
The miniature toy exhibition attracts thousands of visitors

Not only does it feature a variety of displays that spoil the eye. However, in this miniature toy exhibition, the organizers will also break a record that will be recorded by the Indonesian Record Museum (WALLS).

In his explanation, this record is the most die-cast exhibit ever made in Indonesia. However, Arya revealed that until the afternoon at 4pm WIB, the diecast number was still calculated by MURI.

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“For today’s event, there will be a MURI record, the record for the longest miniature display and the calculation is still in progress,” he added.

As for the special activities that will then be presented for a lively miniature toy exhibition, the organizers have prepared a number of activities including:

  • Beat the record for the largest and largest Hotwheels display of 5000 pieces HotWheels Collectible Items.
  • Yometu’s Game Quest application titled Treasure Hunt where visitors can take part in challenges from different stands as checkpoints to get attractive rewards.
  • Toy Donation Box, an IDE donation for children in need.
  • Toy Collector Battle Ground, this is a support of other toy and entertainment industries with costplay, action figures and DJ Pop Culture.


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