The new BMW X3 and 5 Series achieve the highest scores at the Top Safety Pick + Awards

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The new BMW X3 and 5 Series won assessment the highest at the Top Safety Pick + Awards 2022 – As a brand Premium, BMW is clearly not playing in the development of a car that, in addition to being luxurious, also offers very high safety standards. Recently, two BMW products, the new X3 and 5 Series, scored highest in the Top Safety Pick + Awards 2022 organized by the American Highway Safety Testing Agency or IIHS.

Various evaluations and parameters carried out by IIHS have allowed the latest BMW X3 and 5 Series to achieve results assessment highest in the IIHS Top Safety Pick + Awards.

Evaluation parameters provided IIHS

Quoted by Carscoop On Monday (10/10/2022), the BMW X3 and 5 Series tested are the latest notices included in the model years 2022-2023. In this assessment, the IIHS said this awards ceremony could also be a yardstick to see as the latest cars in the development of the latest standard safety features.

The all-new BMW X3 and 5 Series get the highest score at the IIHS Top Safety Pick + Awards

BMW 5 Series

There are 6 evaluation indicators conducted by IIHS to measure the safety of tested cars. Starting with driver protection, front passenger protection, pedestrian safety, rear passenger safety, head safety and car roof sturdiness.

In this assessment, the car will be crashed in the front to see how the safety features of the car work, both for collisions between cars and other cars, and for collisions between cars and pedestrians. To get this award, each tested car must meet different gauges and can function normally and apply to all available variants.

From this rating, the new BMW X3 and 5 Series meet the highest rating standards in several indicators that are almost perfect. Furthermore, the system lighthouse or even the headlights of these two models which can prevent accidents to the driver, especially in dark conditions, work optimally and get assessment the highest in the Top Safety Pick + Awards.

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In addition, the IIHS also added that both the BMW 5 Series and the X3 for the 2022 and 2023 models are equipped with collision avoidance between vehicles and pedestrians. This is due to the radar or ADAS system present in these two cars and can provide excellent intervention in order to avoid the risk of accidents.

In Indonesia alone, the BMW 5 Series and X3 currently on sale have received lifting. By version lifting The BMW 5 Series has been around since mid-2021, while the X3 lifting The Indonesian version was launched by BMW Indonesia earlier this year. The second highest variant of this car is for the Indonesian version, although it is not as complete as the global version, but it is already qualified in its segment.

Features like Lane departure warning, lane keeping assistance, blind spot monitoring, and automatic brakes are standard. Even so, these two cars have not yet received the feature Adaptive Cruise Control for versions sold in Indonesia.


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