The new Honda Genio Facelift 2022 officially released, looks more stylish and futuristic

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Jakarta – PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) presents the latest New Honda Genio with design changes that further enhance its character, supported by the latest features that make it more elegant. Design evolution on dimensional scooters compact This is ready to be a new choice for those who want a scooter that represents their lifestyle and identity, supported by a dynamic, agile and comfortable performance engine for everyday use.

The new Honda Genio comes with a new, more iconic and elegant design according to current trends. The iconic look of the new Honda Genio is also supported by the use of the latest 12-inch tires which support a more balanced and stable ride proportion. Equipped with a 110cc engine with dynamic performance and fuel economy, a high-tech eSAF (enhanced Smart Architecture Frame), plus full functional features such as a battery charger which is now located on the front rack, the new Honda Genio meets the desire of its customers to have a reliable but functional motorcycle to accompany their daily activities.

Launch of the New Honda Genio 2022

The President Director of AHM, Keiichi Yasuda, said that the New Honda Genio is the answer for those who want a scooter suitable for everyday use, full of functional features, but which can still represent the lifestyle of those who want to appear more stylish .

“The new Honda Genio offers a balance of compact design and agile performance, supported by comprehensive functional features for the demands of everyday tasks. With the latest design changes being more and more iconic according to current trends, especially among young people, we are sure that the New Honda Genio can offer an enjoyable driving experience and of course be different from others,” said Yasuda.

AHM Executive Vice President Johannes Loman said the excellent public acceptance of the Honda Genio across Indonesia has prompted AHM to continue striving to bring about innovation and change based on current trends. The entire Honda dealer network across the country is also poised to maintain driving satisfaction with the new Honda Genio.

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“We continue to strive to continue to present quality products in accordance with the development of interest of loyal Honda consumers in the country. In addition, we also complement it with comprehensive after-sales service and are ready to take good care of the New Honda Genio, in so that users can continue their businesses with the support of quality products and guaranteed service available in all corners of Indonesia,” said Loman.

New Honda Genio 2022 Facelift CBS and CBS ISS variants

Genius 2022 even more elegant

The look of the new Honda Genio now looks fresher. Changes to the cover design and front fenders feature a three-dimensional shape that is complemented by crisp, strong character lines and expressions, making this latest model even more unique and even more photogenic. This is supported by the size compactis ideal and comfortable for daily driving in heavy traffic. The distance between the saddle and the ground is 744 mm to accommodate the flexibility of the rider, supported by a large step on the ground. Supported by the latest wider tubeless tire sizes, 100/90-12 front and 110/90-12 rear offer ride convenience and comfort, as well as a sleeker look.

The new Honda Genio retains a reliable 110cc SOHC eSP (Enhanced Smart Power) engine with a more fuel-efficient PGM-FI injection combustion system. The maximum power of this machine reaches 6.6 kW at 7,500 rpm and the maximum torque is 9.3 Nm at 5,500 rpm. This ability can make the Honda Genio more responsive when accelerating. The ACG starter completes its ability to remain smooth when the engine is started. This feature works hand-in-hand with Honda’s unique Idling Stop System (ISS), which automatically shuts off the engine when stopped and restarts only by twisting the throttle.

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New Honda Genio users need not hesitate to move and always look attractive because Honda Genio eSP engine is fuel efficient. Based on the results of internal tests with the WMTC method, the fuel consumption shows a value of 59.1 km/litre (ISS function active) so that it can travel up to 248 km on a full tank. This engine also ensures environmentally friendly combustion results with Euro 3 emission standards.

New variant Genio Facelift 2022 CBS

New Genio Facelift with reliable machine

The dependable performance of the Honda Genio engine is supported by Honda’s eSAF chassis technology. This further improves driving stability, making the Honda Genio easier to drive, lighter and more comfortable to control when maneuvering on busy city streets. The eSAF chassis also offers a more efficient use of space, as evidenced by its large trunk capacity, measuring 14L to store daily driving necessities and a fuel tank capacity of 4.2L.

To support the daily activities of its users, the New Honda Genio is also equipped with functional stand features, a charger for recharging the gadget batteries is currently incorporated into the front rack so that it is more accessible to users who frequently use the gadgets.

The Honda Genio’s headlight technology already uses LEDs, combined with stylish rear lights and separate turn signals on the body cover, resulting in a modern image and optimal illumination. The digital cluster provides various information including speed, odometer, fuel and ECO gauges as a guide for efficient driving. The touch of aluminum on the passenger footrest and rear handle presents a luxurious look.

The safety factor is supported by the secure key shutter function, equipped with a practical seat release button. The parking brake lock, combined brake system and sidestand switch are standard features of the new Honda Genio that ensure the safety of its users.

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The new Honda Genio is marketed in two types namely CBS and CBS-ISS with a total of 6 stylish color choices as per today’s lifestyle trends. The CBS type marketed in DKI Jakarta has an on the road price (OTR) of IDR 18,050,000 and is available in three colors namely Radiant Red Black, Radiant Brown Black and Radiant Black. Meanwhile, the CBS-ISS type, marketed at an OTR price of IDR 18,650,000, also gets three color choices, namely Fabulous Matte Black, Fabulous Matte Brown and Fabulous Matte Blue.

Honda Genio Facelift 2022 officially released


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