The price of a used Honda Jazz VTECH manual is less than 100 million!

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Below is a list of prices for used Honda Jazz Manual cars under 100 million in Central Java area, this information is listed from a market source, namely OLX com.

Why should you choose a used Honda Jazz with VTECH manual and a price under 100 million? The reason is….

Honda Jazz Vtech 2008 manual

1. Honda Jazz (2008)

1.5 VTEC petrol

IDR price 98,000,000

Location of Karanganyar Honey Lake

Central Java

AD plaque


Jazz VTEC sport 2008


DC Karangyaya Long Fee

Special conditions for use

Insyaallah there will be no PR!

Honda Jazz Vtech Manual 2008 plate B

2. Honda Jazz (2008)

1.5 GD3 Petrol,

Plate B

location of Sukoharjo

IDR price 97,000,000



For sale 2008 Honda Jazz Vtec manual

Well maintained condition

Neat and clean original interior

Set to

Engine, air conditioning, all normal feet

Normal electricity

Invoice and spare key still complete

The tires are still thick

The price is still negotiable

Honda Jazz Vtech 2008 Manual Red AA

3. Honda Jazz Manual (2005).

1.5 petrol VTi

Wonogiri locality


IDR price 90,000,000

Honda Jazz Vtech 2008 Manual Red AA

4. Honda Jazz (2005)

1.5 VTEC petrol

Location Magelang, plate AA

IDR price 89,000,000

Kilometers: 250,000-255,000 KM

Favorite color is silverstone

The paint is still factory default, minus the specs,

Standard audio

The machines are well maintained and economical

cold ac

New tax for June

District plate AA

This was the market price for the Honda Jazz Vtech for seniors in the Central Java area, the price was updated in 2022 and the price is still subject to change.

So and so hopefully useful, thank you.

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