The price of the latest Honda Vario 160 2022, down to pluses and minuses

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[ad_1] – After releasing the Hond PCX with a 160cc engine, this time it was the turn of the Honda Vario 150 which got the latest generation engine. The increase in displacement from 150cc to 160cc makes this bike go by the name of the Honda Vario 160. What are the specs of the latest Honda Vario 160 2022 complete with advantages and disadvantages?

In terms of price it is quite decent. This bike is available in two types with different prices. Where the cheapest is the CBS type. Then the more expensive type ABS. Both use different braking systems. But the other features remain the same.

Honda Vario 160 ABS uses variable speed CVT transmission. The 156.9cc Vario 160 ABS engine delivers 15.1hp of power and 13.8Nm of torque.

In Indonesia, the Vario 160 ABS has several competitors. Among them are Honda PCX160 CBS, Honda Vario 125 CBS ISS, Yamaha Aerox Connected ABS Standard and Honda Scoopy Stylish.

Honda just launched motorcycle The latest is the Vario 160. This motorcycle brand is known to be released in early February 2022 complete with specs and prices. For more details, here are the prices New Vario 160 2022.

The latest specifications and prices of Honda Vario 2022


Vario 160 offers its advanced specifications and features. This motorcycle brand is also equipped with ABS (Anti lock-Braking System) safety devices, which will provide comfort to the rider.

You know, this ABS is a useful braking system so that the wheels do not lock in the event of sudden braking.

In addition, the latest version of the Vario 2022 also has LED lights for all lighting systems which make it look more sophisticated and premium. Not only that, there are also a number of other sophisticated ones, namely the existence of a fully digital panel meter.

There are many other interesting features to know, namely speed indicator, digital clock, mileage information, fuel, smart key indicator, fuel consumption, battery voltage indicator, ISS indicator, oil change indicator, ABD indicator ( for ABS type) and tripmeter.

As for the engine, the latest version of the Honda vario is equipped with a 160 cc 4-valve, liquid-cooled Esp + engine and 11.3 kW of power at 8500 rpm and 13.8 Nm of torque at 7000 rpm Interestingly, the Vario 160 is equipped with a Full Transisterized electrical system.

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Judging from the explanation above, the displacement of the Vario 160 is also undoubtedly superior to the competition (Yamaha All New Aerox 155), which is equipped with a 155cc 1-cylinder engine, 15 HP at 8000 rpm and 13.9 Nm of torque at 6500 rpm.

Well, this is the information about the latest Honda Vario 160 2022 and the comparison of engines and prices with competitors. For those looking for a 160cc class motorcycle, perhaps the Honda Vario 160 could be the right choice.


The price of the Honda Vario 160 ABS in Indonesia is Rp 29.06 million. While CBS CBSRp 26.34 million (OTR), available in 4 colors: Active Black, Grande Matte White, Grande Matte Black and Grande Matte Red

The Vario 160 ABS variant is powered by a 156.9 cc Petrol engine with PGM-FI, Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke, 4 Valves, Liquid Cooled, Engine.

Given that the displacement is quite large and has a variety of advanced features, don’t be surprised if the price of the Honda Vario 160 starts at Rp. 25.8 million for CBS and Rp type. 28.5 million for ABS type (OTR Jakarta).

  • Vario 160 CBS price: Rp. 25,800,000
  • Vario 160 ABS price: Rp. 28,500,000

The price of this bike, in our opinion, is comparable to the performance, design and myriad of features it possesses. For those interested in purchasing, they can go directly to the nearest Honda motorcycle dealership to make purchases in cash or credit.

Compared to its competitors, namely the Yamaha All New Aerox 155 Connected, which offers prices ranging from Rp. 26.4 million to Rp. 30.4 million, the price of the Vario 160 is probably a bit cheaper with qualified specs and features.

the advantages and disadvantages of the specifications and prices of the latest Honda Vario 2022

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The advantages of Honda Vario 160

1. Maintain an agile maneuver

As explained at launch, the Honda Vario 160 2022 is enlarged in size compared to the Honda Vario 150 which became its predecessor. His figure appeared swollen, fuller and thicker. But apparently the size hasn’t changed much.

The length has increased from 1,919 mm to 1,929 mm, the width remains 679 mm, while the height is from 1,062 mm to 1,088 mm. It is possible to increase the total height of the motorcycle by using larger tires in order to increase the height of the motorcycle.

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So when used on a daily basis, this bike still feels nimble when used in traffic jams. The 1277mm axle allows the rider to easily turn with the bike.

In addition, it weighs only 115 kg (CBS) and 117 kg (ABS). The lightest in its class at the moment. So in fact this bike is very suitable for a pillar in urban areas where traffic tends to be dense.

2. Efficient fuel consumption

Fuel efficiency is one of the considerations for buying this bike, because it’s cheap, you know. The manufacturer’s claim for the 2022 Honda Vario 160 drinking business is 46.9 km / liter with the WMTC Euro3 and ISS On methods.

From the test results, the team can actually be even more efficient. Calculating from full to full, the results obtained are 47.4 km / liter. The total distance covered is about 221 km and is covered daily, alone and together.

From the results of the MID panel of the speedometer, the achievement is 48.4 km / liter. This is achieved with a pilot’s own weight of 75 kg and the fuel used is 92 octane. Is it economical?

3. Fun acceleration

To keep up with school or office hours, you can also rely on the Honda Vario 160 2022. The response of the engine is quick and the character is strong from the bottom, from the center to the top.

From the Racebox data, accelerating from 0-60 km / h only takes 5.07 seconds. Then from 0-80 km / h it takes 9.05 seconds and from 0-100 km / h 16.16 seconds. To cover a distance of 0-100 meters it is only 7.69 seconds, a distance of 0-402 meters is only 19.46 seconds.

Disadvantages of Honda Vario 160

1. Rigid and rigid seat cover

The first impression when sitting on this bike is that the seat is hard. Yes, although the seat is nice because it looks sporty, but driving it for a long time is hot and hurts the buttocks.

Still strapped to the seat, many found it difficult to lock the seat. It is not a defect but it needs a special treatment, it cannot close the seat by banging and pressing in the center, but it must be right at the end of the seat and pressed gently but firmly until you hear a click.

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2. Dirt wheel

With a flat deck, many users of the Honda Vario 160 2022 put their luggage there and take advantage of the available luggage hooks. Yes, the flat deck offers the convenience of transporting goods.

But if the road conditions are wet after rain, it is best to avoid bringing easily soiled and non-waterproof items into the area. The reason is that dirt from the front wheels will penetrate through the side lines of the rough body and smooth body connection.

Another problem arises when it rains or the road is wet, dirt from the rear wheels can get on the rider’s helmet, you know. We felt it when we crossed wet roads, the helmet was splashed dirty.

If there was additional rear fender cover available for a number of sports bikes, such as the first generation Yamaha Byson or Suzuki GSX-S150, that would be great. The additional cover can be removed during the summer and installed during the rainy season.

Conclusion Honda Vario 160 latest 2022

In general, the changes offered to the Honda Vario 160 2022 cover the shortcomings of the Honda Vario 150. The segment elevated to premium matic now really makes it go head-to-head with its close competitor, the Yamaha Aerox 155 2022.

Exceptional engine performance and acceleration, handling and capable accommodations make it perfect for an everyday motorcycle. But it’s a good idea to replace the seat foam with latex material so that you can feel comfortable driving long and long distances with this Honda Vario 160.

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