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JAKARTA – Suzuki Ignis with Time Attack theme and Electric Scooters became the main prizes for the audience of Indonesia Modification Expo (IMX) 2020.

IMX 2020 will be held on October 10 with exciting and engaging content. In addition, the audience is also spoiled with various prizes that can be obtained. In addition, the organizers have collaborated with various parties to present the grand prize of a modified car and electric scooter unit.

Giveaway and Supergiveaway became the hallmark of the previous year’s IMX event. The prizes awarded are the best products of the exhibitors. This program is also one of the attractive promotional and public education strategies about the quality of the aftermarket brands offered.

“Our Giveaway and Supergiveaway programs are designed to not only benefit the visitors/audience of each IMX event, but also to provide an opportunity for the top aftermarket brands exhibiting at IMX to run their promotions in an attractive manner as well as the most important thing is this is education about industry change in Indonesia,” said Andre Mulyadi, IMX project directorin his remarks at the press conference (15/9).

IMX Supergiveaway 2020

IMX 2020 has prepared 33 giveaways and 2 super giveaways for lucky spectators. The car modification exhibition, which is held virtually this year, provides its own color. This time the exhibition audience received attention from several foreign countries.

Below is a list of IMX 2020 giveaways:

1. Airlux air suspension 2-point management kit

2. Lumens 2.5 inch Hypervision Projector Lamp

3. Mega Arvia 17 inch Lenso Project D R06 car wheels

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4. PAKO Wheels car wheels

5. BitelBlack Silhouette personalized car cover

6. Turtle Wax Premium Car Detailing Pack

7. Autovision lighting products

8. Raptor Anti-Scratch Aerosol Paint Pack (3 pcs)

9. Raptor Anti-Rust Aerosol Pack (10 pcs)

10. Samurai motorcycle brake system

11. Twist Wheels 15 inch car wheels

12. 14 inch Chemco Wheel motorcycle wheels

13. Indonesia Diecast Expo x KARMA Bodykit Custom Diecast Aventador

14. Pioneer ND-DVR100 Dashcam

15. IDR 500 thousand HSR Wheels vouchers (6 vouchers)

16. Bactakleen mini humidifier (car anti virus set).

17. VPROTEC premium nano ceramic coating from VPRO Autocare

18. Yoong Motor H11 Premium Class Hypervision LED Fog Lights

Custom electric scooters

IMX Supergiveaway 2020 :

Electric scooter customized by Alit Susanto ‘Shitlicious’

Suzuki Ignis ‘Time Attack’ by Garasi Drift

“All giveaways and supergiveaways will be drawn at the same time as IMX 2020 which runs for 4 hours from 1-5pm WIB on October 10th. What was drawn was the Giveaway/Supergiveaway voucher number that was obtained when prospective visitors/spectators have purchased IMX 2020 tickets,” Andre continued. [Dew/Idr]



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