These are gas stations in Jakarta and Surabaya that sell Pertamax Green 95

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These are gas stations in Jakarta and Surabaya that sell Pertamax Green 95

Just launched yesterday, Pertamax Green 95 fuel with 95 RON can now be obtained at five gas stations in Jakarta and ten gas stations in Surabaya.

PT Pertamina (Persero) just officially released the sales of Pertamax Green 95 Fuel Oil (BBM) on Monday (24/7/2023) in two cities, Jakarta and Surabaya. 95-octane fuel is priced lower than 95-octane fuel suppliers from private gas stations.

Sold in 15 petrol stations

In the early stages, Pertamina disclosed that the fuel blend of Pertamax (Oktan 92) and 5% bioethanol has started to be sold in limited quantities at 15 gas stations spread across Jakarta and Surabaya.

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Pertamina petrol stations that sold Pertamax Green 95
A total of 15 gas stations in Jakarta and Surabaya have sold Pertamina’s new fuel

The following is a row of Pertamina petrol stations that have sold this fuel:

  • SPBU MT Haryono (Jakarta)
  • Fatmawati 1 Gas Station (Jakarta)
  • Fatmawati 2 Gas Station (Jakarta)
  • Lenteng Agung Gas Station (Jakarta)
  • Sultan Iskandar Muda Gas Station, Kebayoran (Jakarta)
  • Jemursari Gas Station (Surabaya)
  • Soetomo Gas Station (Surabaya)
  • Mulyosari Gas Station (Surabaya)
  • Merr Gas Station (Surabaya)
  • Ketintang Gas Station (Surabaya)
  • Karang Asem Petrol Station (Surabaya)
  • Mastrip Service Station (Surabaya)
  • Citra Raya Boulevard Gas Station (Surabaya)
  • SPBU Juanda (Surabaya)
  • Petrol Station Buduran (Surabaya)

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Cheaper than private gas stations

According to various sources, PT Pertamina Patra Niaga, which is a subsidiary of PT Pertamina (Persero), is aiming for sales to reach 400 liters per day for the two cities. This was explained by Riva Siahaan, Main Director of Pertamina Patra Niaga on the occasion of the launch of this BBM.

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“We aim for a volume of around 400 liters per day for the two regions, because in the market RON 95 is between around 700 liters and 1,000 liters per day, so we aim for that number,” Riva said as quoted by Kompas on Tuesday (25/7/2023).

BP-AKR gas stations in Jakarta
The price of Green 95 is lower than other similar fuels

The price of Pertamax Green 95 at its launch was Rp. 13,500 per litre, or cheaper than same-octane fuel from private service stations.

The following is a comparison with different suppliers of RON 95 fuel from private gas stations in Indonesia:

  • Revvo 95 (Live): IDR 13,580 per litre
  • Shell V-Power (Shell): IDR 13,780 per litre
  • BP Ultimate (BP): IDR 13,780 per litre

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