These are tips for jumping a car battery with a power bank, guaranteed to work!

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For those of you who want to bridge a car battery using a Power Bank, you need to heed these tips as best you can. – One of the important components in a vehicle, including a car, is the battery. Because the battery is an important component that will work to activate the electrical functions of the car so that it can run. When the battery is weak it will be very problematic. If you are lazy to replace a new battery, another now widely used method is the battery jumper Power banks.

This time will give you advice on car battery jumpers using Power banks what you need to pay attention to:

These are tips for jumping a car battery with a power bank, guaranteed to work!

1. Using a special Jumper Power Bank

Not all power banks commonly used to charge cellphones can be used to jumper a car battery. Generally Power banks which can be used for battery jumper is Power banks which has a special voltage and capacity.

Generally Power banks The one used for the battery jumper also has positive and negative valves that the wires connect to the car battery.

2. Secure the battery Power banks Fully loaded

So after you select Power banks especially a quality battery jumper, which is no less important is to ensure that the battery Power banks in full condition. Because of course it will affect how fast the car battery can start immediately after being jumpered.

And don’t forget to look at the indicators on the power bank to see if Power banks is it safe to use car battery jumper or not.

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3. Connection Power banks To The Car Battery

After the battery Prohibition of powerIf it’s in complete condition and the car is off, obviously the next step is to connect the intermediate jumper wires Power banks with a car battery.

Make sure you have inserted the connecting wires correctly between the positive and negative poles. Because if you connect the cable to the wrong pole, when it is switched on it could cause a short circuit which will obviously be very dangerous.

4. Restart your car

The next step is much the same if your battery jumper is using another car battery. Turn on Power banks while restarting the car engine. Then hit the gas and rev the engine above 1,000 rpm under normal conditions idle or it doesn’t move.

Afterwards, leave the car with the engine running for 20 minutes in this condition idle. Wait a few minutes to allow the battery to recharge.

5. Removing the connection cables between the battery and Power banks

After you feel that the car battery has optimum power and is functioning normally, turn off the car engine and remove the connection cable between the battery and Power banks the connected one.

Be sure to double check by restarting the engine to make sure the car can be drivenappetizers return to normal.


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