This features the Fazzio Hybrid Connected, riding a Vespa-style Yamaha

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Yamaha introduced a new bike in early 2022, adding this bike to a new lineup called Classy Yamaha. If NMax is Maxi Yamaha, now this is Classy Yamaha!

Classy = Classic. Yes, it is. If many say this bike looks like a Vespa I agree, but some say it looks like a Scoopy or Fino? Yes, you can even say that, but in my opinion this is more like a Vespa.. for some reason, classics like this are more synonymous with a Vespa. .

Yamaha Fazzio against Vespa Matic

And… in fact, if you look like a Vespa, Fazzio is still very different in the details. Perhaps you could say that both have a classic concept, but in general Fazzio is a classic Yamaha. Welcome to stylish Yamaha.. hehe

So, in this article, BlogOtive will provide a review of just about anything.

Features Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid Connected

Features Yamaha Fazzio

This engine is an engine whose power is assisted by electricity from the battery and generator. The generator and hybrid system aren’t too big, providing just 3 seconds of assist to help accelerate through early turns.

Yes, this bike can be connected to a smartphone to view alerts and notifications using an application called Y-Connect. Just like its predecessors that have already used this feature, such as NMax or Aerox.

Even though it’s 125cc, this bike isn’t like the Mio M3 or Gear that still uses a key. This Fazzio locking system is already Keyless with Answer-Back. On the plus side, riding a motorcycle doesn’t need to be connected, and finding a motorcycle in the parking lot is easier. This feature also exists in its rival, the Honda Scoopy.

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Because the rear end design which is rounded and “smoked” is used by Yamaha to provide large fuel capacity, no liability! 5.1 litres! Scoopy only 4 liters only.

It is nothing new because today it is already a production bike. The era of light bulbs that drained batteries and produced heat inefficiently was behind us.

  • Power Shocket and an HP drawer

For mobility you can also rely on the Fazzio Yamaha, this is also standard for automatic motorcycles in general and Yamaha in particular must have a Power Shocket to charge the mobile phone and a closed drawer is also provided. Well!

The well-rounded design of the bike helps a lot to incorporate a large fuel capacity, including the boot which is also very spacious with a capacity of 17.8 liters and can fit a half face retro helmet.

  • Additional storage console

It’s not an automatic bike if you can’t use it to store additional items, apart from the power shock on the left, in Fazzio’s front dash area you can find an additional console on the right side to put drink bottles. Also a hook in the center integrated with a hook in the seat to carry a basketball or other luggage.

These were some of the features of the Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid Connected that BlogOtive can offer to all our readers. If I say this bike has a nice design, it has good characteristics and a few points that Yamaha also needs to do ‘something’. Well..


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