This is the BMW XM, the first BMW M car with hybrid technology

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The BMW XM will be launched early next year with the first production starting at the end of this year. – Recently, BMW through its performance division, BMW M has just launched its new high-performance car, the BMW XM. This car is one of the most revolutionary cars ever presented by BMW M. Because the BMW XM is the first BMW M car equipped with hybrid technology that combines a conventional engine and an electric motor.

Furthermore, the BMW XM is also considered to be one of the fastest BMW SUVs ever made by the German manufacturer.

Here’s what it looks like

On the surface, it could be said that the BMW XM almost resembles one of their electric SUV cars, the iX. You can see it from the glass behind the C-pillar which is quite distinctive and the rear which is also similar to the iX with the placement of the license plate on the lower bumper. But the most revolutionary is the design of the front which characterizes a very futuristic car.

This is the BMW XM, the first BMW M car with hybrid technology

Starting with the use of the Double Kidney Grill which widens laterally with 5 black lines inside the grill. In addition, the use of X7 Facelift style lights with DRL lights at the top and main lights in the center also reinforce the futuristic impression of this car. In addition to the end of the lower bumper there is a small hole with a real hole in the direction of the tire to provide aerodynamic functions.

Going sideways, at first glance it’s not that different from the iX. But some details of the differences that are present such as the use of tires and wheels with a very sporty and attractive design with a choice of 21-inch and 23-inch size options. In addition to reinforcing the impression of an SUV, there is a black plastic skid at the bottom and wheel fenders which reinforce the dashing look of this car.

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And at the rear, the BMW XM is no less futuristic and glamorous. Starting with the use of 4 unique drains that are placed vertically at the left and right ends, each of which has 2 drains. And no less unique is the use of rear lights which also have a unique design and are also full LED.

This is the BMW XM, the first BMW M car with hybrid technology

And moving on to the inside, if the outside looks similar to the iX, but the inside is actually similar to the X7 Facelift. Starting with the use of a dashboard complete with iDrive 8 screen that connects to the instrument panel in a box shape. In addition to a fairly unique play of colors between brown and navy blue it also reinforces a unique and interesting impression.

The presence of some unique features

In terms of features, the BMW XM is equipped with several features that are quite unique. For example, from the use of the adaptive M Professional suspension which is already linked to the shock absorber and the active roll stabilization which makes this car better control. In addition, the use of the double wishbone suspension at the front and Five Links and Steel Springs at the rear also provide very capable stability.

Then don’t miss the BMW XM which is the first BMW M to be equipped with the Integral Active Stearing function. This feature will assist you in being able to provide a more varied driving ratio as needed. In addition to many other features such as the BMW iDrive 8 which is equipped with a Bowers & Wilkins 20 speaker sound system with a capacity of 1,500 watts it also offers one of the other advantages of this car.

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This is the BMW XM, the first BMW M car with hybrid technology

The most powerful SUV from BMW

In addition to being the first BMW M to use a hybrid engine, the BMW XM is also touted as the fastest BMW SUV ever made. The engine used is a V8 Twin Turbo with a displacement of 4,400 cc which has an output of up to 483 hp and 650 Nm of torque. Now this machine is also assisted by a single electric motor providing an additional 194 horsepower which combined can produce 644 horsepower at 5,400 rpm and 800 Nm of torque from 1,600 to 5,000 rpm.

This engine is linked to an 8-speed automatic transmission from ZF which is also mated to an oil bath clutch pack derived from this single electric motor. The BMW XM is also available with a choice of the XM Lader Red variant which uses the same motor and electric motor but has more power, i.e. 735hp and 997Nm of torque. This BMW XM engine will also reportedly be the basis of the next generation BMW M5.

For the price itself, the BMW XM itself is priced at US $ 159,000 or the equivalent of Rp 2.4 billion. The plan is that the BMW XM will be assembled at the BMW Group’s Spartanburg plant in the state of South Carolina in the United States later this year and will go on sale globally early next year. If the BMW XM is introduced by BMW Group Indonesia, we’ll just have to wait and see.


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