This is the latest generation of the newly launched Toyota Prius

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The latest generation of the Toyota Prius comes with a number of rather drastic changes and now makes it more like Toyota’s BZ-series electric car. – What he has been waiting for is finally here, one of the pioneers of hybrid cars, namely the Toyota Prius, is officially here with its latest generation. The car, which is now entering its fifth generation, comes with significant changes and improved features, uses the latest platform and now also features a PHEV engine.

And now several elements of the Toyota bZ Series electric car are also present in this fifth generation Toyota Prius.

This is the latest generation of the newly launched Toyota Prius

Totally changed display

Adapted from car scoop On Wednesday (11/16/2022), Toyota said that this latest generation follows the breath of modern electrified cars. For example, such as using a bolder design without sacrificing cargo and passenger accommodation, as well as other changes that make it look different from the previous generation Prius.

For example, such as the use of LED headlights that are really inspired by the Toyota bZ family. The use of slightly narrower and C-like lights and combined with a connecting grille makes this car futuristic. Don’t miss the use bumper that have grills and accent stripes lengthwise.

This is the latest generation of the newly launched Toyota Prius

On the side, the Toyota Prius still maintains a 5-door Fastback model that resembles a coupe. This can be seen by the use of a sloping roof on the C-pillar which is quite unique. To reinforce, the second row door handles are not placed on the bodywork, but on the top of the C-pillar window. In addition to the legs, the Toyota Prius now uses 19-inch two-tone root design alloy wheels as standard.

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Continuing to the rear, at first glance the difference isn’t too noticeable compared to the previous generation Prius. However, the taillights are now elongated with black accents and Prius lettering extends below them. As well as placing the rear license plate on the lower bumper of the car with a new design.

This is the latest generation of the newly launched Toyota Prius

Continuing into the interior, the taste of the Toyota bZ Series is also increasingly visible. Starting with the use of the bZ series model steering wheel with a bulkier airbag cover and denser placement of buttons. Hence the use of an 8-inch speedometer and the use of a 12-inch head unit also inspired by the bZ series.

Choice of PHEV transmissions

For engines or transmission, the Toyota Prius comes with 3 engine options. The first is a hybrid engine with 2 engines, namely a displacement of 1,800 and 2,000 cc. While these two engines still take the same basis as the previous generation, they have received an increase in efficiency per mileage without the use of the petrol engine.

This is the latest generation of the newly launched Toyota Prius

And finally, most interestingly, the fifth generation Toyota Prius now comes with a choice of Plug-In Hybrid or PHEV engine. This 2,000cc engine is assisted by an electric motor and a larger battery. The Prius PHEV is capable of producing more power i.e. 220hp.

Very abundant features

This latest generation Toyota Prius has an abundance of safety features. For example, like the radar function Sense of security Toyota 3.0 or third generation with the addition of much more sophisticated radar functionality. Then there are also the features Advanced parking with remote function which allows you to move the car forward and backward by remote control only.

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Then there are also solar panel installations which mean that this car has a range of up to 1,250 km per year. You can use the solar panel to charge the battery, air conditioner and many other car functions that require a power source.

In addition to Japan, the latest generation of the Toyota Prius has also been launched for the North American market. It is not yet known when the latest generation of Toyota Prius will be launched in the Indonesian market. But at least it will be sold about 6 months after its first launch in the global market.


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