This is the latest leaked Yamaha Xmax Facelift!

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The Yamaha XMax Facelift that is being tested in Europe is reportedly coming soon in late 2022 or early 2023. – Yamaha XMax is a Yamaha maxi scooter motor that is positioned above the NMax with a larger body and larger displacement. Recently, a Spy Shot photo showing a Yamaha XMax covered in camouflage stickers was tested on European roads, indicating that a Facelift version will soon be available.

Reportedly, this Yamaha XMax has received some refreshments both in terms of looks, functionality and many other details.

This is the leaked Yamaha Xmax Facelift being tested

Here are some leaks of the Yamaha XMax Facelift

As reported by Ride Apart, the Yamaha XMax, which will have a revamped version, is a specification used for the European market. The base used is the XMax 300 which uses a displacement of 300 cc. Generally speaking, this Facelift version of the Yamaha XMax gets several minor upgrades that aren’t much different from the previous one.

This Yamaha Xmax Facelift will reportedly look a lot calmer and won’t have many sharp angles. Another change is the use of the coating which will have a different texture with slightly thicker material. As well as the use of an exhaust which, although still the same as before, but undergoes minor changes in terms of design.

Other leaks from the Yamaha XMax Facelift come from the features and safety presented. For Yamaha Xmax Facelift, it will come with a traction control function linked to the ABS brakes and disc brakes on both wheels. And more recently, the Yamaha XMax Facelift will also be equipped with an electric front shield function that will electronically adjust the height of the windshield.

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This is the leaked Yamaha Xmax Facelift being tested

So in terms of legs, the Yamaha XMax Facelift will reportedly be equipped with a much more comfortable suspension than before. In addition to the Y-Connect smartphone connectivity feature that previously existed on many other Yamaha motorcycle products, it will also be integrated into the XMax Facelift. This function will manage all the engine settings only from your Smartphone.

For the engine itself, the Yamaha XMax Facelift will have received the Euro 5 emissions standard, used from 2021 for the European market. The machine used is also different from the Indonesian version of the XMax which focuses on a displacement of 250 cc, in Europe itself it uses a displacement greater than 300 cc.

The plan is that the Yamaha XMax Facelift will be launched on the European continent between late 2022 and early 2023. It is not yet known whether Indonesia will also get a Facelift version of the XMax, albeit with a different engine configuration than those sold in Europe.


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