This is the Porsche Macan EV 2023 leaked on the way

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The Porsche Macan EV will reportedly be in production soon and launched to the public at least in early 2023. – Porsche recently started playing aggressively in the electrified car segment. After the success of the Taycan which has become their flagship electric car, now the German manufacturer, synonymous with sports cars, is preparing its latest electric car, the Macan EV SUV.

The Porsche Macan EV was also caught on camera as it was being tested on a road at the Nurburgring circuit in Germany, suggesting that it would soon be launched.

This is the leaked Porsche Macan EV that will be launched in 2023

Some leaked Porsche Macan EVs

In several leaks or Spy Shots compiled by Motor1 on Friday (16/9/2022), the Porsche Macan EV, being tested on the Nurburgring circuit, is still covered with camouflage stickers. But there are some unique things found in the Macan EV that are not found in the conventional engine version.

Starting with the use of additional fenders which have a fairly prominent arch shape. Many suspect this additional fender is one of Porcshe’s latest innovations considering the Macan EV will have a wider body and heavier weight in the future. And the use of over the fenders is supported by tires that have a larger size.

So from the leaked Spy Shot, several diffuser-shaped accent lugs were found on the Mobuk’s rear bumper. And while this is an electric car that doesn’t require an exhaust, there is a form of exhaust accents that can be just decorations or rear accents to reinforce a slightly sportier look.

This is the leaked Porsche Macan EV that will be launched in 2023

Then the rest, you could say that there is no visually significant difference to the exterior of this Porsche Macan EV. Like the design of the headlights, rear lights, as well as the design of the grille, sides and trunk door that look similar to the standard version of the Porsche Macan. The Porsche Macan itself still maintains its signature SUV with a Coupé-style styling that makes this car still retain the sporty feel of a Porsche.

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Interestingly, the Porcshe Macan EV is the first Porsche car to use the latest Porsche platform specifically for electric cars, namely the Premium Platform Electric (PPE). The transmission and electric motor that will be used in the Porsche Macan EV will inherit the 800 Volt electric motor that is also in the Taycan. There are 3 power versions that will be presented in this Porcshe Macan EV as standard, Turbo and Turbo S.

For the higher version, the Porcshe Macan EV can produce an output of around 600hp, especially in the Turbo S variant. The plan is that the Porsche Macan EV will be introduced at least in early 2023. It will be interesting to see how the original shape of the Porsche Macan EV is expected to come with something quite revolutionary in the premium class electric car segment.


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