This is what happens when the BMW M4 is modified into a pickup

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The modification of the BMW M4 into a PickUp car is one of the most unique modifications the modification house has ever made. – Speaking of automotive modifications, you could say that it is something that is quite natural and common to do. In addition to fixing what is missing in a car, modifications are made to beautify or make the car more unique. And a crazy idea was brought about by the modification house DinMann who transformed a new BMW M4 with a completely unusual look.

DinMann transformed the BMW M4, which was originally a sports coupe, into a pickup truck.

The BMW M4 becomes a pickup car

Reported by Carscoop On Friday (11/4/2022), the BMW M4 exhibition with a pickup-like model was the first in the world. In this modification, DinMann changed the rear of this BMW M4 with the model To collect which is complete with a tub aka cut in half of the roof of the rear of this car.

In this modification, DinMann disassembles the cabin and installs frames additional rear and combined with the rear tail which is still similar to the original M4 Coupe. Then some carbon touches are also given on this car to sweeten the look of this car. Don’t miss the additions side skirt and the interior of this car also has a lot of carbon touches.

This is what happens when the BMW M4 is modified into a pickup

For the interior itself, DinMann basically still leaves a small room that can no longer be occupied by people. The original BMW M4 Coupe uses the standard configuration 4 places. In this modified version, DinMann’s modified BMW M4 leaves only 2 seats in the front.

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The tailgate behind the car has a relatively large capacity. So this machine has a place to carry larger goods. What you need to know, this DinMann tweak is different from the other tweaks. While quite common, changes to this model are usually made due to an accident, while DinMann changes it from a new state.

To modify this BMW M4, DinMann takes up to 6 months of processing, disassembly and assembly. However, the modifications made by DinMann do not cover the engine and still maintain the standard default engine with a displacement of 3,000cc, 6 cylinder, Twin Turbo.


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