Towards the era of electrification, Citroen officially changes its logo

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The step taken by Citroen to change its logo is a sign of their seriousness in entering the era of increasingly massive electrified vehicles. – The global automotive trend leading to electrified vehicles requires every manufacturer to be able to adapt to existing changes. Various ways are performed by various automotive products to enter this era of electrified vehicles. And this time around, the manufacturer Citroen took a turn that wasn’t kidding in navigating this era of electrified vehicles.

In addition to introducing several new electric vehicles, Citroen also officially changed the company logo as a step in their seriousness with EV.

Towards the era of electrification, Citroen officially changes its logo

It is not the first time that the logo has been changed

As reported by Carscoops on Tuesday (9/27/2022), this isn’t the first time Citroen has changed its company logo. This French automaker has made 10 changes to the logo, including what it is doing now in 2022. This new logo is also a sign of Citroen’s seriousness in entering this era of electrification.

This new logo combines the use of 2 triangular lines which have become their brand which is equipped with a circle. The use of a fresh and minimalist black color, as well as the use of the latest fonts, also give a fresh image to the Citroen brand itself. This logo will appear later on the latest Citroen car products.

The presence of the latest Citroen logo also confirms their commitment to showcase various automotive products with electrification technology. However, until now, Citroen still has a meeting on the products Citroen will present with this electrification technology. However, some rumors mention that one of the electrified car products that will be unveiled in the near future is a minivan.

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Towards the era of electrification, Citroen officially changes its logo

In addition to presenting the latest logo, Citroen also introduced the French manufacturer’s new motto and slogan. The slogan “Nothing Moves Us Like Citroen” should be one of Citroen’s steps in addressing the era of change of electrified vehicles with their own style and can be accepted by the global market.

Citroen said the use of the new logo is also one of their steps in delivering products that have a stronger design language and characterize the brand. And some of their newest cars along with concept cars using this latest logo will be ready to be showcased at the 2022 Paris Motor Show event to be held in October.

Citroen itself will soon be ready to re-enter the Indonesian market. Citroen will reportedly be under the Indomobil umbrella with the first product expected to enter is their flagship City Car, the C3. It will be interesting to see Citroen’s action in the Indonesian auto market later on.


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