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Toyota launched 2 new oils, namely TMO 0W-16 SN GF-5 (applicable for SP GF-6) and TMO LITE 0W-20 SN GF-5. Toyota Astra Motor marketing director Anton Jimmi Suwandy said the launch of the two TMO motor oils was part of an initiative to meet different customer needs, while at the same time adapting to developments in Toyota vehicle technology.

Where currently, Toyota has many products with hybrid technology such as Innova Zenix. Consequently, one of these new oils is intended for hybrid cars with a TNGA chassis base such as the Zenix.

“The launch of the 2 most recent variants of TMO is a manifestation of the total ownership experience that Toyota offers to customers, in particular by providing the best service from the moment of purchase to the maintenance of the vehicle. We hope you enjoy this latest variant of the TMO can meet the needs of loyal Toyota customers in terms of driving comfort and vehicle quality that is always maintained,” Anton said today.

According to TAM, TMO is an original oil issued by Toyota-Astra Motor for the Indonesian market, with specifications set by Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) Japan. The advantage is that TMO has ACTIFILM Double Protector technology, which is a Toyota specially designed Double Protector membrane layer with an optimal formula balance in protecting every part of the engine, even the deepest and smallest cracks from wear, and at the same time it works as a descaler on the engine walls.

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Lubricant designation for TMO 0W-16 SN GF-5 and TMO LITE 0W-20 SN GF-5

Toyota launches 2 new oils

TMO 0W-16 SN GF-5 lubricant is designed for Innova Zenix Hybird

TMO 0W-16 SN GF-5 engine oil (applicable for SP GF-6) is the new top variant of TMO. This variant is very suitable and recommended for latest Toyota models with Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) engine, such as All New Voxy, Camry Hybrid, Raize, and also on All new Kijang Innova Zenix which was just recently launched.

Customers are advised to check their owner’s manual to ensure their vehicle is recommended for the use of TMO 0W-16 SN GF-5 (applicable for SP GF-6). TMO 0W-16 SN GF-5 (applicable for SP GF-6) is available in 2 sizes, namely size 1 L and 4 L. TMO 0W-16 SN GF-5 (applicable for SP GF-6) is available in all official Toyota workshops.

While TMO LITE 0W-20 SN GF-5 is featured as part of Toyota’s efforts to adapt to growing vehicle technology and also target environmentally friendly technologies. This variant can provide maximum protection to the vehicle and support fuel economy and low emissions. TMO LITE 0W-20 SN GF-5 is machine oil with low viscosity but has a more affordable price.

TMO LITE 0W–20 SN GF-5 is suitable for Toyota vehicles with oil capacity of 3.5 liters or less such as Car LCGC (Agya and Calya), or even other models such as Avanza, Veloz, Raize, Sienta, Yaris, Rush and others. This variant is available in 1 size, i.e. 3.5 L and is available in all official Toyota workshops.

In total there are 7 variants of TMO lubricants:

  • Synthetic gasoline: TMO 10W-40 SN
  • Synthetic Diesel: TMO 15W-40 CI-4
  • Fully synthetic petrol: TMO LITE 0W-20 SN GF-5
  • Fully Synthetic Gasoline: TMO 5W-30 SN GF-5
  • Fully Synthetic Gasoline: TMO 0W-20 SN GF-5
  • Fully Synthetic Gasoline: TMO 0W-16 SN GF-5
  • Fully synthetic diesel: TMO 5W-30 ACEA

So the review, Toyota has launched 2 new oils, one of which is suitable for Innova Zenix. Stay tuned to update the latest automotive news.


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