Toyota reopens the GR Yaris order tap, only 160 units left

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This reopened Toyota GR Yaris order tap is specific to the Australian market only with a very limited number of 160 units. – Since its inception, the Toyota GR Yaris has become one of the most sought after cars by Petrol Heads. The car that was built for homologation as a condition for use in the World Rally Championship is in fact produced and sold in limited quantities, even in Indonesia. However, in the neighboring country of Indonesia, Australia, once again, the tap for reservations for this car is open.

But sadly the number supplied is also very limited, which is only around 160 units and orders will start opening in November.

Toyota will reopen the tap of GR Yaris orders, only 160 units are available

Limited return fee

As reported by Drive Australia, the Toyota GR Yaris, which will be resold in Australia, will not be available at all of its 300 dealerships thereafter, and the waiting time or order return for the Toyota GR Yarus will last for approximately 12 months. Furthermore, Toyota Australia also anticipates the possibility of brokers and speculators that could occur.

Toyota Australia itself is also aware that the GR Yaris is one of the most sought after cars that has been exploited by brokers and speculators. Because that makes Toyota Australia want to make sure that of the 160 units they sell to consumers, they really go directly to consumers who buy their cars to use and don’t resell them at a higher price.

With only 160 units available, Toyota Australia said there would be an order quota overshoot as happened in 2020. Toyota Australia also said that if consumers are really interested in getting the GR Yaris, they need to move quickly to get it.

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Toyota will reopen the tap of GR Yaris orders, only 160 units are available

“For the Toyota GR Yaris order tap that will be reopened later, it will be adjusted to the number of orders taken by the dealer and adjusted to the allocation that will be allocated over the next 12 months,” a Toyota Australia statement wrote. Other than the price, Toyota Australia will not provide a price difference, i.e. still using the starting price of 49,500 USD (751 million Rp) for the standard variant from 54,500 USD (826 million Rp) for the Rallye variant.

When it comes to the Toyota GR Yaris on the road in Indonesia, the PT Toyota Astra Motor itself has only sold 125 units and is already out of stock. And until now TAM itself has not opened the possibility of reopening orders for this GR Yaris even though there are many car enthusiasts in the country.


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