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Through a new Vespa color collection entitled “Play Freely in Colors”, PT Piaggio Indonesia invites automotive enthusiasts to express themselves more freely with the new colors of Vespa LX, Vespa S, Vespa Primavera and Vespa Sprint.

Jakarta, – Through the Vespa brand, PT Piaggio Indonesia always invites lovers of the modern lifestyle to continue to renew their enthusiasm and express the joy of life, this time through the new Vespa color collection entitled “Play Freely in Colors”.

Ayu Hapsari, PR & Communications Manager at PT Piaggio Indonesia said: “Vespa always innovates consistently to present typical Italian mobility solutions that are relevant to a more modern generation.

Vespa S – Bianca Innocenza

“One of the ways to ensure Vespa continues to inspire a more cheerful and vibrant lifestyle is to always update the Vespa color collections. This time, with the “Play Freely in Colors” theme, the attractively colored Vespa refreshes the routine of the life of motorcyclists and their lovers,” she explained.

Vespa LX and Vespa S

Vespa LX and Vespa S are two Vespa models with smaller and more streamlined body sizes, making them ideal for urban mobility and accommodating an urban lifestyle. This time, the two types of Vespa have also received a color refresh.

The Vespa LX 125 i-get itself is the first Vespa fully assembled nationally by PT Piaggio Indonesia and complies with Piaggio Group standards, a source of particular pride for the owners of the Vespa LX 125 i-get. Classy with round headlights, Vespa LX 125 i-get appears elegant with a choice of colours: Delicato Gray and Passion Red.

The Vespa S series appears more dominant thanks to the new colours: Yellow Sole, Gray Materia and White Innocenza which increasingly represent a young, active and colorful soul. Vespa S 125 i-get is equipped with LED lighting on the main headlights, a new anti-theft system (immobilizer), a USB port for recharging various devices, as well as various other innovations that guarantee greater comfort for users during driving a Vespa in all conditions.

Vespa Primavera and Vespa Primavera S

Reinforcing its character as the most classic Vespa, PT Piaggio Indonesia offers a new range of colours, namely the fascinating Blu Extroverso, Verde Relax and Grigio Materia. Meanwhile, for the more stylish and sporty Primavera S, there are now four new color choices, namely Sand Beige, Capri Blue, Innocenza White and Sun Yellow with graphic details that further accentuate its character. Each new Vespa Primavera color certainly gives a classy, ​​modern and bold imprint capable of instantly stealing attention, anytime, anywhere.

Vespa Sprint and Vespa Sprint S

Vespa Sprint is more dynamic with three new color choices, namely Blue Audace, Gray Materia and Yellow Sole, which reflect the user’s desire to be unique and incomparable. In the sportier Sprint S series, on the other hand, the color collections proposed are Gray Titanio Matt, Orange Sunset, Green Tenace and White Innocenza which combine a classic modern imprint with a balanced sporty character to leave anyone stunned.

For more information on the new color collection of the Vespa product range, visit the official Motoplex dealer network which is now spread across 55 locations across Indonesia, including 11 Motoplex outlets 4 brands for Piaggio, Vespa, Aprilia and Moto Guzzi .


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