Volkswagen finally launches the electric car for the Asian market, this is its first product!

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South Korea became the first Asian country to equip itself with a Volkswagen electric car, the ID.4 electric SUV. – Volkswagen appears to be taking seriously the possibility of bringing a variety of environmentally friendly electric cars around the world. This time, one of its products, the Volkswagen ID.4, entered the Asian market for the first time. South Korea was chosen to be the first country on the Asian continent to equip itself with this electric SUV.

The presence of Volkswagen electric cars in the Asian market is also a manifestation of their seriousness in bringing their latest electric car products to the world.

Volkswagen finally launches the electric car for the Asian market, this is its first product!

The electric car market which is in growing interest

At this car launch event in South Korea, Dr. Silke Bagschik, as head of Volkswagen AG’s E-Mobility production line, said that the presence of the ID.4 as the first electric car in Korea of the South will lead the way for VW in unveiling other electric cars in the Asian region. As reported by Yonhap, Dr. Silke said South Korea is one of the fastest growing electric car countries among other Asian countries.

“With the future of electric cars leading the concept of electric mobility growing rapidly, it is very important to start introducing various superior electric car products to the world. And the use of this electric car is the only solution to be able to realize a clean environment with better use of sustainable technology, “added Dr. silk.

In this launch event, Volkswagen South Korea also said that the ID.4 is the first step in their various future breakthroughs for the electric car segment. In the future, VW South Korea will continue to aggressively present other electric car products which of course will still follow Volkswagen Global’s quality standards.

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Volkswagen finally launches the electric car for the Asian market, this is its first product!

Volkswagen South Korea executive director Sacha Askidjian said the presence of the ID.4 in South Korea is also a step in their transition to selling all-electric cars in the country by 2030. “The era of the South Korea. electrification is still long, but now is the right time to begin the transition to full-fledged electric car sales, ”said Sacha.

As is known, the VW ID.4 is built under a special MEB electric car platform. This electric car has several advantages such as the use of an 82 kWh battery which allows you to recharge from 0 to 80% in just 36 minutes with fast charging. And this car is said to be able to travel up to 405km when the battery is fully charged.

In South Korea, the Volkswagen ID.4 is sold at a very attractive price, 55 million Won or the equivalent of Rp. 595 million. The price also includes the subsidy provided by the South Korean government for electric cars. With the inclusion of VW electric cars like the ID.4 in Korea, it is not impossible for countries on other Asian continents like Indonesia in the next few years to be able to get the latest Volkswagen electric cars like this ID.4.


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