Web 3.0 infrastructure provider Wakweli signs new partnership with Polygon

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Besides its basic offerings, Wakweli is also bound to offer other advanced utilities or use cases that can add additional value to all Polygon users who adopt its solution.

Wakweli, a Web 3.0 infrastructure service provider has signed a strategic partnership with Polygon, a Layer 2 protocol based on Ethereum. According to partnership details contained in a press release shared with Coinspeaker, Wakweli will expand its Non-fungible token (NFT) certification technology to Polygon for the benefit of all projects residing on the protocol.

Wakweli is gaining momentum as an essential outfit that helps restore confidence in the digital collectible world. The startup’s core business model is to issue certificates of authenticity for NFTs and other tokenized assets to combat fraud and generally contribute to the growth and evolution of the wider Web 3.0 ecosystem.

The partnership with Polygon will allow Wakweli to expand its reach and significantly diversify its ecosystem.

“Since 2021, when ETH fees skyrocketed, Polygon has established itself as the go-to chain for minting assets and has performed extremely well ever since – it is now home to incredible NFT projects,” said said Antoine Sarraute, co-founder of Wakweli, adding that the team “..is building Wakweli to create a safer Web3 space across all channels, and today we’re excited to partner with Polygon. This will enable all Polygon users to benefit from Wakweli’s certification power and unlock a definitive way to fight scam attempts, creating greater trust in this thriving ecosystem.

Thanks to Wakweli, projects with tokenized assets on Polygon can request authentication for all their assets.

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Polygon is currently a growing hub for digital collectibles as it has brandished a more scalable, sustainable, and cheaper ecosystem compared to Ethereum. Based on its high technological capability, Polygon is now adopted by many mainstream enterprises, among them the American coffee chain Starbucks Corp. (NASDAQ:SBUX).

Starbucks built its Odyssey NFT project on Polygon and as part of an expanded collaboration, Wakweli will be able to certify the authenticity of these assets for users.

Wakweli will offer improved use cases

Besides its basic offerings, Wakweli is also bound to offer other advanced utilities or use cases that can add additional value to all Polygon users who adopt its solution.

For example, project owners can access the Wakweli API or request automatic certification requests for NFTs the moment collectors mount them. This automatic certification will strengthen the security of these collectibles as it will leave no room for cybercriminals to create a fake version of the assets.

Wakweli also noted that he will be available to work with developers to create a bespoke solution if they have a specific certification feature they hope to introduce into their project. Additionally, with the Polygon collaboration, users can take advantage of the incentive that Wakweli offers its users when requesting certificate reviews.

This feature is powered by the unique Proof-of-Democracy (PoD) and generally contributes to the authenticity of the marketing protocol. Wakweli is a next generation infrastructure provider with a keen interest in the world of venture capital.

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