While maintaining exclusivity, Ferrari will limit orders for Purosangue

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The car’s limited production capacity and continued exclusivity mean Ferrari will limit orders for the Purosangue.

Autos.id – Recently, the Ferrari Purosangue was just launched and made a splash in the automotive world. The car, touted as Ferrari’s first SUV or crossover, attracted the attention of many people. The queue list or the car pivot is also quite long. Why does Ferrari will limit orders for this Thoroughbred.

One of the reasons for limiting the sale of the Purosangue is that Ferrari wants to maintain its exclusivity and special value.

Wanting to maintain exclusivity, Ferrari will limit orders for Purosangue

Overwhelming orders

In an interview conducted by Automotive News, Enrico Galliera, as Ferrari’s Sales and Marketing Director, said that consumer interest in the first Ferrari SUV is very high. He stated that the number of orders he received exceeded their initial expectations or goals.

Furthermore, Galliera said it was difficult for Ferrari to fulfill the large number of orders for this Purosangue. “With so many orders for the Ferrari Purasangue, it is difficult to meet such a large demand with limited production capacity. It is possible that we will have to limit or even close the reservation valve on this Purosangue, ”said Galliera.

While limiting the orders, Galliera did not specify the exact number. But he also revealed that aside from the problem of insufficient production capacity to meet consumer needs, he said Ferrari wanted to maintain the Purosangue’s sense of exclusivity as a very special car.

Wanting to maintain exclusivity, Ferrari will limit orders for Purosangue

Ferrari itself has a production capacity of around 15,000 units of cars per year. Especially for the Purosangue itself, it is expected to achieve a production quota of around 20% of the total production of Ferrari cars each year. This means that the Ferrari Purosangue will most likely only be produced up to 3,000 units per year.

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Galliera said that every car produced by Ferrari has a production cycle of around 4-5 years for each generation. This means that the possibility of Ferrari Purosangue in this generation 1 will only be produced between 12,000 and 15,000 units. “We want to control the volume of sales while maintaining a sense of exclusivity, so you have to take this step to limit sales, whether you like it or not,” he added.


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