While they look bad, these 8 cars are very expensive

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Who would have thought that even though it seems far from the word “good”, these 8 cars actually have high prices.

Autos.id – Luxury cars from famous brands usually command high prices due to the quality and the brand. Also, the exterior appearance of the car is often a reflection of how expensive, luxurious, and beautiful the car is.

But who would have thought that in this world there are so many cars that have been produced and sold at fantastic prices, but look awful. Even some of these cars eventually stopped production due to lack of interest due to their shoddy looks.

What cars are you curious about? Here is a list of bad looking but fairly high priced cars that were never produced during that period.

1.Chevrolet SSR (2003)

2003 Chevrolet SSR.

2003 Chevrolet SSR. (Source: PCarMarket)

One of the ugly but expensive cars is from a car manufacturer from USA namely Chevrolet SSR.

Just looking at it, many people couldn’t help but laugh at its disproportionate and strange shape. This car looks like a combination of the nose of a sports car, the cabin of an SUV and the back of a pickup truck.

Not only that, the striking bright red color makes it even more flashy and sticky.

Sold for starting at IDR 300 million, it is no surprise that the Chevrolet SSR is included in the list of ugly but expensive cars.

2. SsangYong Korando (1983)

Ssangyong Korando 1983.

SsangYong Korando 1983. (Source: CarGurus)

The SsangYong Korando is one of those ugly but expensive cars that looks like they are trying to copy the design of another car.

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This car actually comes from Korea and was first released in 1983. The Korando has a similar shape to the glamorous Jeep, but with too rounded corners, making it look like a bloated Jeep.

Not only is the shape ugly, this car is also priced even more expensive than other cars. Pricing starts at IDR 450 million per unit.

3. Young Cougar (2013)

Young Pumas 2013.

Youabian Puma 2013. (Source: Top Gear)

The appearance is really quite ridiculous, the Youabian Puma has a round body that seems to bulge. This sports car is often ridiculed as an ugly but expensive car by many people who see it.

Even so, as a sports car with a fantastic price point, Youabian Puma offers a large displacement engine and very powerful performance.

In fact, the price is higher than famous sports cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini. The brand new Youabian Puma is being sold in the market at a price of 1.1 million US dollars or about 15.2 billion IDR.

4. Plymouth Hunter (1997)

Plymouth Prowler 1997.

Plymouth Prowler 1997. (Source: Car and Driver)

The next ugly but expensive car is the Plymouth Prowler which was first released in 1994. This car has a similar design to a Formula 1 racing car but unfortunately its looks are considered strange by many people.

Despite its resemblance to a glamorous racing car, this model is actually on the ugly car list. The fantastic price reaches 40 thousand US dollars or about Rp. 600 million in the automotive market.

5. Volkswagen Thing (1973)

What Volkswagen 1973.

Thing Volkswagen 1973. (Source: Mecum Auctions)

The next car was quite unique, namely the Volkswagen Thing which was released in 1973. This car seemed more suitable for picnics or golfing than street driving due to its open roof like an umbrella.

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Not only that, its cream color makes its appearance even more strange and puts it in the list of ugly but expensive cars. Prices for the Volkswagen Thing start at US$21,000 or around Rp.315 million.

6. Ford Thunderbird Convertible (1962)

1962 Ford Thunderbird convertible.

1962 Ford Thunderbird Convertible. (Source: Old Cars Weekly)

Next, there is the Ford Thunderbird Convertible which was one of the luxury cars of its time.

Unfortunately, the shape of this Ford convertible is considered unbalanced and rather strange because the hood is too big, making it one of the ugliest but also most expensive cars in the world.

Even so, this car is still sought after by classic car collectors and is highly regarded. The price of this car can reach 17 thousand US dollars or more than Rp 265 million.

7. Pontiac Aztec (2001)

Pontiac Aztec 2001.

Pontiac Aztek 2001. (Source: Autofun)

Next, there is the Pontiac Aztek as an ugly but expensive car that appeared in one of the popular TV series, Breaking Bad.

This car has a stiff and strange shape from all sides. However, this strange design was part of the car’s design plans.

Unfortunately, this unique design doesn’t make this car famous for its elegance and luxury, but rather for its strangeness. The sale price of this car when it was launched reached 20 thousand US dollars or the equivalent of more than Rp 300 million.

8. Fiat Multipla (1959)

Fiat Multipla 1959.

Fiat Multipla 1959. (Source: Carverticals)

The last car included in this list is the Multi Purpose Vehicle car which was first produced in 1956 and restyled in 1959.

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Even though it has been renewed, the shape of this car is still considered very ugly and not many people like it.

One of the special features of this car is that there are three seats in front. Other things that make this car ugly are the strange glass top section and the inappropriate placement of the headlights.

Even though it is considered ugly, this car has sold for up to 55 thousand US dollars or about Rp. 860 million.

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