Wuling Almaz Hybrid shows up at IEMS 2022, here are the leaked specs and prices!

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Attending the Indonesia Electric Motor Show (IEMS) 2022 event, Wuling unveiled the Wuling Almaz Hybrid.

Autos.id – In the Indonesia Electric Motor Show (IEMS) 2022 event held at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Senayan, from 28 to 30 September 2022, there is a stand by Wuling. What caught the eye was the fact that Wuling sported the Almaz Hybrid Concept but with a somewhat mysterious look.

Also, the interior of the SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) is not shown at all. As for the specs, there are only a few leaks.

Wuling Almaz hybrid.

Wuling Almaz hybrid. (Source: OtoDriver)

However, viewed from the outside, the Almaz Hybrid Concept is like using the base Almaz RS but with a different engine.


If the Almaz RS is equipped with a 1,451cc, 4-cylinder, DOHC, DVVT and turbocharger engine, the Almaz Hybrid Concept is complemented with the latest 2.0-liter engine which is said to be much more efficient.

Meanwhile, the intelligent electronic control system is the next major component. In addition, the electric motor and the P1 + P3 generator are also built in and use a lithium battery with an unknown capacity.

To find out more details on the specifications of the Almaz Hybrid Concept, you still have to wait for the official launch by Wuling.

Specifications Wuling Almaz Hybrid.

Specifications Wuling Almaz Hybrid. (Source: Moladin)


According to various sources, the price of the Almaz Hybrid Concept is around Rp 500 million. So, from what is shown at the Indonesia Electric Motor Show (IEMS) 2022, the car may have additional graphics when sold wholesale.

When will he be in Indonesia?

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Rumors about the presence of the Almaz Hybrid Concept in Indonesia have circulated quite widely because the company that makes the car would have registered the name “Wuling Hybrid” in the intellectual property database of the Directorate-General of Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Law and Man. Rights of the Republic of Indonesia.

This has been in effect since August 13, 2022 under listing number BRM2257A, where the owner’s name is SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile, Co., Ltd. located in Liunan District, Guangxi, China.


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