Yamaha Indonesia Announces “4 More Fighters Ahead of BLU cRU Pro Racer” Appears at ARRC 2022

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PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) welcomes the holding of the 2022 Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC) competition with great optimism. This is accomplished by the participation of the Yamaha Racing Indonesia team in Asia’s most prestigious motorcycle event. This is also a form of Yamaha’s commitment to developing the career path of its riders.

This year’s ARRC will be held in 6 series with four host countries: Thailand (Buriram Circuit) which will be the opening and closing venue, Malaysia (Sepang Circuit), Japan (Sugo Circuit), China ( Zhuhai).

“For the red and white to go ahead! YIMM will continuously provide support to Yamaha Racing Indonesia (YRI) trained “Fighters Getting Ahead bLU cRU Pro Racer” riders to fulfill the highest dream of becoming a world champion by continuing to excel in the championships and become an inspiration to young riders in Indonesia. Participation in the Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC) international championship as an implementation of the bLU cRU program in Indonesia. Yamaha Full GassPoll! Let’s shift gears, let’s go further,” said Minoru Morimoto, President Director and CEO of PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM).

The Yamaha Racing Indonesia team has consistently taken part in the ARRC since 2015 and this time officially presented the 4 Fighters ahead of the bLU cRU Pro Racer squad that will appear at the 2022 ARRC. The quartet of riders appearing are Galang Hendra Pratama with M. Faerozi Toreqottullah in the Supersports 600cc class (SS600), then Anggi Setiawan and Aldi Satya Mahendra in the Asia Production 250 class (AP250). The participation of the Yamaha Racing Indonesia team is also a form of commitment to promote multi-level racing to achieve results and make this country proud through the BLU cRU Indonesia programme.

The Yamaha Racing Indonesia team riders are determined to achieve their target at ARRC 2022. Galang Hendra Pratama, who has extensive experience on the world stage in World Supersport 300 and World Supersport 600, will compete in the Asian arena this year, in which he participated in 2016 and 2017.

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The rider from Yogyakarta has proven his 2 years of experience fighting European riders in World Supersport 600. Galang Hendra Pratama will team up with M. Faerozi Toreqottullah from Lumajang, East Java. Two fighters still ahead This talented bLU cRU Pro Racer believes he can achieve success this year in the SS600 class by racing a Yamaha YZF-R6 motorcycle to reach the top 5 goals.

So in the AP250 category, two fighters are overtaking the bLU cRU Pro Racer, Anggi Setiawan and Aldi Satya Mahendra have strong motivation to reach the top 8 goals riding a Yamaha YZF-R25 motorcycle. Anggi Setiawan of Palu will be racing in his fourth year in the AP250 class. Meanwhile, Aldi Satya Mahendra, who has moved up from UB150, will compete in the AP250 in his first year.

To face the big event of the ARRC 2022, the four fighters stepping forward of the bLU cRU Pro Racer have prepared themselves physically and mentally. Furthermore, they are increasingly proud to ride the Yamaha flagship bike with a blue-dominated livery that underlines its racing, sporty and aggressive character. Thus the identity of the Indonesian homeland is shown through the red and white accents incorporated into the fairing graphics and the shape of the Indonesian flag on the front of the bike.

In the near future, the four are also preparing to start the season as an official test and first series in March.

Galang Hendra Pratama

I am very happy to finally return to the Yamaha Racing Indonesia team that made my career great in the international arena. Obviously I’m very excited about the experience in the European championships and the WSS600, which has become a point of reference for me to be able to get results in Asia. My preparation is to do more motorcycle training in Sentul with my younger brother Aldi. The ARRC circuit in 2022 is not a new circuit for me, I already know the character of the circuit. However, with the character of the Yamaha YZF-R6 bike, I have to adapt more quickly to the Asian specifications to get the best settings. This requires a good communication strategy with the team because this Supersport bike needs very detailed information to get the perfect setting. I’ll do my best “For the red and white to go on.”

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M. Faerozi Toreqottullah

Alhamdulillah and thanks to Yamaha for giving me the confidence to join again to defend the Yamaha Racing Indonesia team to race in the ARRC Supersports 600cc class. This year I did several exercises, mainly physical and motorcycle training using the YZF-R6 motorcycle at the Sentul Circuit. Hopefully the Official Test and Series 1 will run smoothly. In 2020 the competition only ran one series and this was not satisfactory. Therefore in 2022 I will do my best to provide the best to Indonesia in the class I am attending.

Angie Setiawan

Thanks to Yamaha and the Yamaha Racing Indonesia team for still believing in me as a rider in the AP 250cc class. This opened up the opportunity for me to achieve results in the prestigious ARRC racing event. This year, I prepared ahead of time before the race started, improving my physical, mental and participating in national racing events, as well as learning from strategies from my experience. My target is the podium this year, because in the last tests with the latest regulation specifications I set the fastest time and with that result I am very confident that I will concentrate on the podium.

Aldi Satya Mahendra

In this fourth year, Yamaha has invited me to join the rider roster of the Yamaha Racing Indonesia team in the AP 250 class. This is a good opportunity to continue my racing career, which I will make the most of. Now I prepare a lot of physical training and practice using the YZF-R25 motorcycle and motocross so that my physique is better. This year, for the first time, I will ride the YZF-R25 bike at the ARRC, so I will learn a lot from my older brother, Galang Hendra, who has experience to get a riding style, especially using the top R-series bikes. This opportunity is very precious to me and I will never give up to get the best result, which is the podium.

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Yamaha Racing Indonesia’s “Fighters Getting Ahead BLU cRU Pro Racer” quartet will take part in official practice at the Thai circuit* (22-23 March 2022) before tackling the first series on the same track (25-27 March).

All for the red and white ahead, Yamaha Full GassPoll!

Let’s change gears, go further.


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