Yamaha X-Ride 125 2020 has three new color options: new bike

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JAKARTA – Yamaha Indonesia has updated the 2020 Yamaha X-Ride 125 by providing new color options.

Yamaha X Ride 125 2020 is proposed with a mix of colors:

  1. Black and red (attractive red)
  2. Black and white (exclusive white)
  3. Black with light green (extreme black)

These three new color choices should motivate motorists to look stylish but still casual.

“The development of the current trend has made Yamaha continue to strive to follow the wishes of consumers through continuous products updated. With this new color update, it will hopefully provide positive excitement, particularly for those who want to always look stylish whether they are on everyday riding or on adventures,” said Yordan Satriadi, Deputy GM Marketing at PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Mfg..

Yamaha X Ride 125

If in generation previous X-Rides synonymous with character urban city, now the new Yamaha X-Ride 125 color update reflects the character more adventures sporty and aggressive. Aggressive graphic colors, showing more and more excitement (fun) and hard (hard), so that it adapts to the character of the Yamaha X-Ride 125 user.

In accordance with its robust design, the Yamaha X-Ride 125 used Sub-Tank Suspension, a tubeless tire with a large tread pattern for more comfortable and stable riding performance in various road conditions.

Price Yamaha X-Ride 125

Riders are also more comfortable and stable while riding flat seat adventure which is supported by an adventure-style handlebar with wider dimensions. In addition, the 125cc Blue Core technology with ecological indicator, give Yamaha X Ride 125 2020 as a stylish adventure scooter that is also economical in fuel (fuel oil).

With an aggressive, robust and elegant design and features, this motorcycle is the right choice to accompany all activities, whether for adventure exploring new places or routine. outdoors daily. You can already have the Yamaha X-Ride 125 2020 with this new color choice for only IDR 18.690.000, – OTR Jakarta. [Dew/Idr]



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